4x4s have come a long way in the last fifteen years. Once the preserve of off-road, country types, they have now become status symbols of the rich. The weight and power of an SUV provides everything you need to feel luxurious. Most 4×4 manufacturers have a range of models. They extend from the compact, school-run regulars to the luxurious monsters on this list.

We’ve scoured the car world for the very best in luxury SUVs and presented them here for you. If you need any more convincing, you need only look to the world of professional footballers. You’ll find one of these cars on the driveway of many a rich footballer. Need we say more?


Porsche Cayenne – When Porsche unveiled its first SUV, the motoring world was sceptical. Porsche are held in high regard for their beautiful, powerful sports cars. However, not many were convinced they could pull off a 4×4. The motoring world promptly changed their mind when they got behind the wheel. Not only is it the best looking SUV out there, it drives like a Cayman. You can’t say that about any other car on this list.


Land Rover Range Rover Sport – Land Rover is the spiritual home of the 4×4. Its Defender model is still the original and most recognised 4×4 design. That’s not to say they can’t produce a beautiful, luxury model. The Range Rover Sport is regarded by many as the very best SUV on the market. See the entire, stunning range for yourself at http://www.saxton4x4.co.uk. It has the power and elegance of a luxury car. But, take it off road and it will perform better than anything else here.

BMW X5 – The X5 certainly isn’t the best looking on the list, but it sure has the best engine. With an upcoming facelift in the works from BMW, the next generation will be one to watch. The X5 has long been the go-to choice for reliable, solid luxury. With BMW at the helm, you know you can expect quality engineering.


Audi A6 Quattro – Audi are the third German manufacturer on our countdown so far. You can certainly trust German engineering for precision, power and handling. The A6 doesn’t have a typical 4×4 design, so if you’re looking for something a little more sleek, this is the one. It still retains all the power, safety and build quality of an SUV. However, it looks luxurious and executive out on the road.

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Mercedes Benz M Class – Mercedes have always been at the heart of luxury, executive driving. Their SUV range is no different. They have a number of models that could have snuck into this list. But, we’ve chosen the traditional M Class to feature here. It has every high-spec feature you could dream of. Most importantly, it has that stamp of luxury that only Mercedes can provide.


The luxury SUV sits right alongside the sports cars as a marker for luxury these days. These five cars represent power, refinement and executive luxury. To sit behind the wheel is to feel tall and powerful. Which one is your favorite?


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