A good looking suit and tie is frequently championed as being the epitome of manliness, yet many young men have no idea where to begin when they find it necessary to match their ties to their dress suits. The art of decorum is never easy, and with dress standards constantly changing it can be downright frustrating to try and wrap your head around seemingly-trivial fashion details like color pairing and appropriate tie length. No man should wear a dress suit improperly matched with his tie if he wants to be taken seriously in the business world, though, so learning how to dress right is essential to success.

Here’s how to match your tie to your dress suit, and some other fashion tips which will keep you looking professional in the workplace.


Those who dress for success inevitably earn it

 Many young men are likely asking themselves why they need to bother matching their tie to their dress suits in the first place. After all, this seemingly-trivial fashion trend can’t possibly be that important, right? As a matter of fact, the way that you dress is incredibly important, and there are years of research proving that those who dress for success inevitably earn it if they know what they’re doing.

It’s a proven matter of fact that formalwear elicits feelings of power and makes you feel more competent and in-charge when going around on a daily basis, for instance. Wearing a suit can literally make you think differently, as it puts you into a different state of mind and drastically alters how others perceive you wherever you roam. There are also financially selfish reasons to desire a dress suit that perfectly matches your tie, as some evidence indicates that those who dress in ornate attire have much better first impressions than those who don’t.

One study concluded that shoes are an important source of first impressions, and that those who look spick and span in formal attire are more likely to earn the respect of those around them. Now that you understand how imperative it is to dress for success, how should you match your ties to your dress suit for the best results possible?


The clothes come first, then the tie

 The first thing to remember, according to Ties.com,  is that you always pick your primary clothing first and your tie second. Making your tie the most pivotal part of your fashion arsenal is effectively putting the cart before the horse, and you should be focusing much more on your dress shirt and suit. Nevertheless, it’s important to realize that coordinating your dress suit with your tie isn’t rocket science and shouldn’t overly frustrate you, so don’t be afraid to take a deep breath if you’re wallowing in despair over how bad you’ll look. Remember that everyone looks better in a suit, and that your formal effort in and of itself is likely boosting your social profile.

Cool blue suits pair quite well with lightly-patterned blue and green ties, though semi-solid color patterns are also classic and well-regarded pretty much everywhere. If you have light colored hair and fair skin that doesn’t tan too well, stick with pastel colors, whereas those with darker hair and complexions should know that a high-contrast tie/suit combination that will stand out on others will likely look pretty natural and good on them.

Taking some time to review proper tie proportions and how slim or wide you should go is also a good tip for those struggling to dress well. Try to never allow your tie to hang past your belt buckle, but understand that a tie hanging too low is usually better than a tie hanging too short, which can make it comically end around your belly button. Avoid matching stripes with stripes and dots with dots, something that’s easier to do if you strictly stay with solid-color dress shirts. Sports jackets, which are more popular these days, often call for a club tie or a nice striped tie, so if you’re looking for flair pick up a good blazer.

Keep proportion and color in mind when matching your tie to your dress suit, and you’ll soon be dressing for success in a way that generates great results.


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