It does always seem that someone out there is being paired up against Apple in some manner. No matter what the manufacturing giant produces or conceives there will always be a competitor there somewhere looking to out-Apple them and become the dominant force in the market. Now Apple has finally hopped in to the smartwatch business and even though they were last to the party how does the Apple Watch compare to that of its Android-based competitors?

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Let’s face it the Apple Watch took a lot longer to hit the market than many of its competitors. Whether this was a strategic move in case companies like Samsung were once more sniffing around or simply because the product wasn’t ready is irrelevant. What now counts is how it performs and more importantly how does the software itself perform? With Android Wear 5.1.1 already being released onto compatible devices it’s obvious that Apple is still a little behind at this stage, but how well does its own software, features and the more diverse offerings that Royal Vegas Canadian online casino are now delivering when pitted against Android Wear?

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When you’ve been around a little longer you have a little more experience and more importantly a little more feedback and this has continued to help Android Wear grow and evolve where necessary. Apple may have the drawback of being behind but heck this is Apple, surely they know what they’re doing by now? The truth is both platforms have pros and cons and as with most new devices that are unleashed it often simply makes sense to stick rather than switch.


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Despite many reports claiming that the Apple Watch is currently the number 1 smartwatch around it does appear that the prices of a number of Android Wear watches are beginning to drop dramatically. Could this be because the demand is slowing down or is this simply a ruse in order to pull back some interest after the impressive demand that there currently is out there for their Apple rivals? Even Apple themselves are struggling to keep up with the demand but it’s obvious that the watch itself is still in its infancy and many of its features still fall far behind its Android competitor.

Android Wear already boasts the new Wi-Fi connectivity option which allows you to still receive notifications and other info from your phone to your watch even if it’s out of range or indeed on a Wi-Fi connection elsewhere, something that the Apple Watch does not yet offer. And aside from the cheaper price tag Android Wear watches also let you use special wrist-gesture controls as well as a special ‘always-on’ feature which is now available on the LG G Watch R and other similar devices.


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