Our smartphones are amongst those essential devices that we take with us wherever we go. Even when a large part of the world population is sheltered in place, their mobile phones are saving them from monotony. So while you’re staying indoors, and staying safe, try these best five game apps to make the most out of your time:

  1. Stardew Valley

 So this game is all about leaving behind the big city life and starting your own farm. You water your crops each morning, look after the animals, feed them, grow more berries, and do so much more. In a life that’s full of chaos, this game certainly gets everything in order. 


  1. BlockuDoku

 The BlockuDoku block puzzle is an interesting and engaging game being a perfect combination of blocks with a Sudoku style grid. The game’s about destroying as many shapes and streaks as you can without any time constraint but in as few moves as possible. Once everything’s clear on the board, it brings a pleasant relief, plus you also score more. BlockuDoku is one of the greatest pastimes you’ll ever try!


  1. Shadowmatic

 Shadowmatic is a fascinating puzzle game that’s all about looking for shadows and not the objects that cast the same. It brings child-like amazement to the gameplay when you get to know what shapes the shadows really are. Stunning visuals and a captivating storyline keep you hooked throughout the time. 


  1. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

 If you’re a cat person, this game’s for you. The puzzle is exactly what it reads – a cat collector. You need to attract kittens to your garden with different toys, food, and more. The best thing about this game is how you can set the entire environment and come back to check in if any furry friends are hanging around. How amazing, isn’t it. 


  1. Kami 2

The art of folding paper into pretty shapes gets onto the digital platform. With Kami 2, your aim is not to work on shapes, but different and suitable patterns. This origami puzzle is a great stress buster. It’s like a party trick that most people fumble with, but some can definitely pull off the magic. So with as few moves as you can, bring the patterns together to form a solid block and keep scoring. 


So that’s all we have on this list. Hope you find these apps engaging and worth trying while you’re staying indoors. We liked the BlockuDoku block puzzle more. It’s absolutely addicting! Comment below to let us know your favorites!


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