An exclusive group of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ ticketholders will be doing far more than attending the world’s greatest sporting event.  We can’t wait to host him in one of the best Luxury Villas in Buzios!

They will also be experiencing an adventure of the epic kind — surfing with big wave surf legend Garrett “GMAC” McNamara. Known for breaking the world record for the largest wave ever surfed (100-feet at Nazaré, Portugal), GMAC is as fearless as they come, and from June 12 – 26, he’ll be joining us in beautiful Búzios, our official getaway city, to offer Beck & Score members the ultimate waterman experience.

Throughout the two weeks, GMAC will be giving free surf lessons exclusively to our members, presenting the rare opportunity to venture past the break with the legend himself. On land, GMAC will join our members as they soak up the local nightlife and culinary scene. It’s all part of the coveted experience you get when choosing Beck & Score as your travel companion.

Take a look below at our special Q&A with GMAC, where he talks big wave surfing, traveling, and the World Cup:

While you’re going to have fun in the water during your stay in Búzios, are you excited about spending time with our Beck & Score members at the World Cup?

GMAC: I am definitely looking forward to catching some of the matches and World Cup action!

We know that if it involves water, you do it, and do it well. Are there any land based sports you’re passionate about? Did you play any soccer growing up in California or Hawaii?

The Beck & Score GMAC Experience, June 12-26, includes:

  • Surf lessons with GMAC every day exclusively for B&S members.
  • Wavejets, SUPs, longboards, and shortboards will be available to all members.
  • One Bossa Nova ticket-inclusive hospitality package to a World Cup Group Stage Match.
  • Private dinner at Rocka restaurant in Buzios
  • Round trip game-day ground transfers to and from Buzios
  • Stay in picturesque villas within the ‘San Tropez of Brazil
  • Local experts to assist with everything you need throughout your travels.

Right before I moved to Hawaii I was on a soccer team in California and really enjoyed playing. These days, if I’m not in the water, I look forward to snowboarding and good powder days out on the slopes.

Tell us a little bit about the surfing scene in Brazil, and in particular Búzios, where you’ll be surfing and paddling with our Beck & Score members?

Búzios is the perfect spot for Stand Up Paddling and not too far are perfect little waves for surfing.

What are your favorite surf spots in the world? 

Lani’s and Sunset Beach in Hawaii, Jaws, Tahiti, and Portugal!

Brazilian Carlos Burle is one of the big wave surfers taking on the giant swell in Portugal with you, along with Andy Cotton, who may have recently broken your world record (with you towing him in). There seems to be great camaraderie out there, but would you say there’s some healthy competition as well?

I do what I do for the pure love of it and not for any records. I work on helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Carlos isn’t the only Brazilian surfer who focuses on big wave surfing. There’s been quite a few over the years who have made a name for themselves. Is there something about these Brazilian guys that make them ideal for big wave surfing?

The Brazilians have a lot of pride and passion. You can see it at their soccer games. The same applies when they want to surf big waves.

You recently collaborated with Mercedes on a new surfboard design. How can our Beck & Score members get their hands on one?

There is a chance in the future that they might be able to get their hands on a very limited edition (only 4) but at the moment they are reserved for riding the biggest waves in the world.

Any other collaborations like this in the works? Any dream projects you’d love to see become a reality?

Publishing my wife’s children’s book and traveling around the world, inspiring one kid at a time through sharing the story. I’d love it if [the kids] could find their passion, their true calling, and make it their life as I have mine. I also wouldn’t mind surfing perfect waves at all the different stops!

Traveling has always been an integral part of the surf experience. Besides the thrill of surfing a break for the first time, what do you enjoy most about your adventures around the world?

Meeting new people and experiencing their culture.

What are a few travel essentials you always take with you?

Crazy glue and my wife. She takes care of the rest.

Finish the sentence: The ultimate travel luxury is _________?

Private plane

Favorite place to travel to, surf or no surf?

Italy for the food and Indonesia or Tahiti for the waves.

Any must-do’s when visiting Brazil?

Go to an authentic Brazilian BBQ, preferably at someone’s house.

Beck & Score members can join Garrett for either one long session or two shorter sessions each day (time TBD) at no charge. Scheduling your lesson is easy through our concierge service, and we’ll have wavejets, stand-up paddleboards, longboards, and shortboards waiting by the water for when you arrive.

You can also catch Garrett on land during select Beck & Score dinners as well as throughout his stay in this lively beach town. Ready for even more adventure? Check out other activities to partake in during your visit to Búzios.

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