The United States is home to some beautiful one-of-a-kind real estate. From historical farmhouses and plantation properties with hundreds of years of history; to ultra-modern penthouses in the heart of a booming urban metropolis, there are practically limitless examples of every type of luxury home imaginable. But of all the amazing properties throughout the country, only a few stand above the rest as the priciest and most luxurious homes in America. Find out what sets these properties apart as the most expensive real estate in the country. What defines luxury for you?

Could it be a private golf course on your estate? Your own personal elevator? Maybe it’s a 24-karat gold lined swimming pool. You’ll find all those and more on our incredible list of the most expensive homes in the country. From floor to ceiling, these homes are one of a kind, functional works of art; featuring breathtaking views, expansive surrounding properties, and unbelievable amenities that will impress even the most seasoned real estate collector. Take a peek at the where America’s elite call home, and prepare to be amazed.

From the secluded mountains of Colorado, to the sandy beaches of Miami and the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills, we’re taking you on virtual journey to explore the most expensive properties across America. Some homes on our list have been shown in Hollywood movies and TV, others are well kept secrets, known only to a short list of the wealthiest individuals on the planet. One thing is certain, you’re sure to be amazed by our list of the most expensive homes in America. 


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