Whether you are a frequent traveler or go on a trip once in a while, you must know some essential but brilliant travel hacks to get the best experience in your journey. Travel hacking is an art that you must master before your next trip. It involves looking for inexpensive flights, hotels, tour deals, and more, and use them to your advantage to get the best experience. While you can find tons everywhere, but we have compiled the must-know brilliant hacks that you will need on your journey. These travel hacks you need to know for vacations are as follows: 


1.  Complimentary water at the airport 

Instead of buying a water-filled bottle, carry an empty bottle with you. You can fill it with water after going through security. At the airport you get the complimentary freshwater refill and save you extra trouble of finding and buying a new bottle every time. 

2.  Make extra copies of documents. 

Keep your passport and all necessary documents safe and make multiple copies, kept in different pockets. You can scan your passport and documents to create a digital copy. Some airports in the US have a facility of digital checking, and it also saves time. Also, keep pens with you because you will surely need it to fill out immigration forms and other stuff, and it will save you time for asking around. 

3.  Use travel apps to find inexpensive flights.

Download 10 amazing travel apps that you have never heard of and look for inexpensive flights. Flights are insanely expensive and what is the best way to stay on budget is to look through hundreds of listings and get the best deals. Travel apps make the complex process of searching easy and get you the best deals under your budget range. 


  1. Pack smart to save space 

Hate packing because there is so much stuff but not enough space? Pack smart. Buy compartment bags for each kind of stuff. Roll your clothes and keep them in one compartment. If you are traveling for a long time with little time for washing clothes, then make two bags, one for dirty and one for fresh clothes. Store your jewelry in pill containers. Wrap your shoes in a cover, put socks in them, and put it in one compartment bag. Keep your makeup and stuff in the pockets of your suitcase. Bubble wrap tubes and bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc. to keep them from expanding and leaking. 

2.  Keep dryer sheets to keep the luggage smelling fresh.

Make a different use of the dryer sheet and use it in your luggage between stuff; it not only guards against static electricity build up between clothes but also keeps the air fresh. You can use it to prevent bad smells that can develop due to different stuff. 


  1. Fight Jet lag with exercise

Everyone experiences jet lag after a long tiring flight, but what do you do about it? The best way to get rid of the jet lag is to run or do some basic exercise. It makes your blood pump and gets your circadian rhythm back. It is proven by science that exercise helps your muscles to stretch and makes you sleep better. 

2.   Use ATM for local currency 

Using an ATM is better than an airport currency exchange stop or your local shop. It is because money converters deduct their fees, and sometimes there is a bad exchange rate. While using an ATM in a foreign country, you get fee-free currency with the InterBank exchange rate. It is seriously such a travel hack and saves the situation. 

3.  Use a portable charger for all devices. 

No matter where you are heading, buy an all-purpose portable charger, instead of having a portable charger separate for each device. You can buy one from the market that charges all of your devices. Recharge the portable charger when you are staying at a hotel and avoid on the way stops because it is a high chance you will forget it behind.  

4. Download travel apps to find the best locations and deals

Many travel apps are available for free in the app stores but go through many to select the most suitable one for you. These are the key to finding the best Chauffeur service, local eateries, budget hotels, and popular destinations around you. 

5. Download maps offline and prints important documents

There is no definite guarantee that you will get full coverage or enough data while traveling. Therefore, it is wise to download Google route maps to work in offline mode or print a physical copy, download Google Translate offline, keep your GPS on while leaving the hotel, and keep copies of important documents with you all the time. 

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