Although you might have travelled to Dubai several times but there are 12 surprising things that you probably never knew about this famous city of United Arab Emirates.

1. You won’t meet many locals in Dubai. As most of the population living there is Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Asian and Western. You will hardly find one or two Emirati in Dubai who will either be at the airports stamping your passports or in shopping malls with their family.

2. As Dubai is famous for its tall buildings and the astonishing infrastructure it possesses but its buildings are not that tall though. There are a few other buildings in the world that are taller than Burj al Khalifa such as Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. Hong Kong and New York City have taller buildings than Burj al Khalifa that are 6,606 and 6,180 meters high respectively.

3. While not as severe as countries like China, Dubai practices some form of internet censorship. Certain search terms and online services are blocked, with examples including Skype and Couchsurfing. This can be bypassed through tools such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can also help to improve internet speeds which you can check on websites like or others.


4. People cannot buy property in Dubai until they are an Emirati. People mostly living in Dubai are Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Indian and they cannot buy houses they have to rent those houses and the rents are quite high. As a house costs too much people can’t afford the prices of the house and therefore they just have an option to rent the house.

5. As it is one of the best cities in the world it provides yachting for people who visit Dubai for holidays. Friends who come together or couples who have come for their honeymoon can rent a yacht from yacht charter Dubai and spend a day between the oceans. Yacht rental in Dubai allows people to celebrate their special events on a cruise and make their events a memorable one.

6. Some cruise lovers don’t know that how to cruise Dubai marina provides yachting and people who desire to plan a wedding on a cruise can book a wedding charter Dubai to make their special day an exciting and memorable one. Who doesn’t wishes for a big fat wedding where the guests are overjoyed by the décor, ambience and surrounding. A wedding at the cruise is just perfect for those who wish to take vows between the seas.

7. Dubai contains more men than women. As people from different parts of the world come to Dubai for trade and business and get settled there. As the city is quite expensive people cannot get settled with their entire families. In some cases, males are sharing apartments or living with other families. Most of the men who are living there are aged between 25-45 years who are earning and running their families in their home countries.

8. People are quite forgetful in Dubai. The statistics of lost and found things are rapidly increasing as it is stated that people forget things in certain places such as washrooms, airports, taxis and hotels. Some of such cases have been reported and the things have been returned to their owners if it is found by someone.

9. As some people would think that this city might have good weather, they are pretty wrong at this point. Dubai being one of the hottest cities contains warm weathers throughout the year. In some cases, people can’t even step out of their houses as the scorching heat hits the skin so badly that people can’t even stay on the road for a few minutes.

10. Before tourism, Dubai was famous for its oil. Before oil, it was pearl diving that Dubai made money with. Fishing, farming and pearl diving was Emirati’s main trade by which people earned money for living. The men would be at the sea from mid-May till September diving up to 14 hours per day while the females would look after their children and family.

11. Thirty-nine percent of Burj al Arab has a space that is wasted because it is uninhabitable. Despite the fact that the hotel is a 7-star hotel but its creators didn’t care about the architectural size. They had to fit as many people in one building.

12. As Dubai is an Islamic state people think that it would be a non-alcohol city, but that is not true there are bars and clubs in Dubai where people go and spend time with friends. Dubai contains mosques and bars as well it’s up to the people that where they have to go, there aren’t any restrictions on the tourists for consuming alcohol.

These are the surprising things that some people don’t have knowledge about. So, take care of these things when you are planning your next trip to Dubai.

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