The get-to-gethers are a time when everyone is in the spirit of catching up and enjoying each others time together. We always want to give thanks to those who show grace while hosting an event. Destination Luxury put together a list of 16 great gift ideas, in no particular order, to give to your favorite hostess. She’ll love you for thinking of her while making her life easier, elegant and just more fun.


16. Gift Basket

A great gift for a hostess who loves to cook; a Stonewall Kitchen gift basket similar to this, filled with herbs, spices and oils. Who wouldn’t love to receive but also give such beautiful items? They’re certainly thoughtful and the antithesis of the routine sweater or slippers. Who’d want to eat those anyway?


15. Cheese and Cracker Serving Board

A great hostess always needs a nice cheese and cracker serving board like this example from Houzz. Its carved surface is not just beautiful but entirely functional;  everything in its place and a place for everything. Makes you want to set it and simply admire it. No, nor would I.


14. Dessert Shot Glasses

These wonderful dessert shot glasses from The Find make a sweet gift idea for your hostess. Their uses are only limited by your imagination and present a fabulous, though understated, setting. They make superb glasses for spirits, parfaits, flavored ices, yogurt or, well, it’s your party, too. You can also add a book of drink and dessert recipes if you want. What would be your choice?


13. Olive Oil Infuser

Whether or not your hostess is a chef, she’s sure to love this olive oil infuser from Restaurant Girl. Its included marked top also doles out each serving precisely as needed. The mere press of a button dispenses a measured amount of oil for salads or possibly mixed with some grated Parmesan for breads. The clear vessel design allows the inclusion of cilantro, basil or rosemary for an artsy table-top accent.


12. Heart Measuring Spoons


DCI Heart Measuring Spoons, Set of 4

These adorable heart shaped measuring spoons from Spark Glasses would be a great addition to your hostess’ kitchen for the party. You can add a basket of ingredients to make different types of cookies so she can make them for her upcoming events. Imagine them also hanging proudly in the open for all to see; they’re that fun yet unpretentious. You’ll need some assistance when measuring cookie recipe anyway. Why shouldn’t measuring spoons also be a hit?


11. Wine Serving Accessory Kit

Don’t know what to give as a gift? You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine and this zippered wine accessory kit from Red Vanilla. It’s exquisitely portable but eminently useful at home. Now you’re able to treat yourself and your guests as the true connoisseur you are. Just pick the correct pairing and the rest is easy.


10. Silverware Butter Knives

Spread some positivity by gifting these beautifully emotive Etsy stamped silverware butter knives to your hostess. You”ll love to be the recipient of their use when she serves up the brie or even just toast and jam. I’ve heard they may even make whatever you’re serving taste better. Ok, possibly not but when a setting looks this good, why not spread some good will around?


9. DIY Infused Spirits

Maybe DIY your gift and give your hostess a festive bottle of Vodka infused with cranberries and lime. You’ll find the Fancy Napkin instructions fun and easy. It’s simpler and easier than you might believe and I’m thinking the taste is like none other. Many other bottle configurations will work but this setup looks great.


8.  Scented Candles

Nothing says get together like the whiff of lit candles scented like chocolate chips or cinnamon spice wafting through the air. A wonderfully aromatic gift for the party. Find all sorts of faux food scented candles at WicksWorks. No doubt you’ll find far more than just one choice that strikes your holiday fancy. Keep remind yourself this isn’t food though it all looks so tempting.


7. Delicious Treats

A tasty treat for your hostess and guests; tree cake pops. PopSugar has many other cake pop ideas. You’ll wonder why your didn’t think of these ideas once you view them all but so glad you saw them. Remember, perfection’s not necessary; you can always eat the “mistakes”.


6. Flower Basket

Find other flowering plant baskets at TeleFlora. Fresh flowers are always a great way to say thank you to your hostess. The look and smell of beautifully arranged flowers present a home like nothing else possibly could. Try several and you won’t be disappointed.


 5. Decorative Hand Towels

Bed, Bath & Beyond will gladly supply you with some decorative hand towels such as these.  What a great addition to any hostess for her party? There are seemingly endless designs to purchase and present while also being practical. The colors allow mixing and matching while remaining tastefully elegant.


4. DIY Snow Globes

What to do? What could you give your hostess that would be considered an original gift? Behold another great DIY gift idea found at Southern Living. Create your own Mason jar snow globes for a one of a kind gift but keep some for yourself and be prepared to proudly announce “I did it” whenever anyone asks.


3. Victorian Tree Ornaments

Gifting your hostess beautiful Christmas Central Victorian tree ornaments would add to any centerpiece. Why hang some of these alluring examples of Victorian artistry when they are just as presentable at each place setting? They make excellent party favors as long-term reminders of a previous wonderful evening for your guests. Keep several for yourself to scatter about your home as well.


2. Smartphone Charger

Keep your hostess charged up for her party by giving a mounted wall charger for her iPhone. Different doesn’t always mean better but when the necessary meets artistic expression, why not indulge yourself? These are all simple yet purposeful while retaining their useful intent. More unique and stylish iPhone chargers can be found at Hongkiat.


1.  Breakfast Basket

Nothing says thank you like treating your hostess to a morning-after breakfast basket full of goodies. You’ll be tempted once you see the myriad tasty breakfast gift sets offered by Wolferman’s. Don’t forget, however, this is supposed to be a gift. Of course, it need not always be, correct?


What have you given as a gift to a hostess? Let us know in the comments below.



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