Some would argue that pasta is a food of the Gods. Today there are so many gourmet pasta options on the market and it can be quite hard to differentiate one brand quality from the other. What if I told you I have found a gourmet pasta that helps you lose weight? I did not believe it myself and would think this article must be an ad for Jenny Craig or something, but I can assure you that after I went to a tasting of this apparent calorie loss creation, I was shocked to find that something like this tasting as good as it does could exist and we did not even know about it. These are essentially great muscle food reviews and savings.

The clouds parted, the sun began to shine because our¬†stomachs were¬†happy to learn about this option we¬†could even carry in our¬†own kitchens! Thanks to the “Decottopia Diet” which is a combination of over 10 plants skillfully processed and results in no sugar, no preservatives and no gluten. This company stemmed¬†from the 16th century back in Italy and now put together and brought to us by Gianluca Mech. The Tisanoreica Diet may be defined as normoproteic, hypoglucidic and low-calorie. This diet helps curb appetite and stimulated metabolism by ensure a sufficient amount of protein is keeping the nitrogen balance in the body. This diet has be called “The Italian Comfort Food Diet. In their research they have found people normally loose 2.5 Kg of fat in 7 days just by following this diet and eating pasta.

Il Pastaio is one of many of the restaurants in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Santa Monica that have incorporated their gourmet¬†pasta, rice, bread crumbs and sauces into their dishes because the celebrities, glitterati and regulars have been raving about this pasta so much they wanted to keep¬†their customers happy over and over again. Destination Luxury¬†was invited to experience¬†a one of a kind dining evening¬†with¬†the founder of the amazing pastas, the owner of Il Pastaio and PRB public relations owner, Pierra Rossi Blodwell. We dined on¬†an assortment of delicious pastas, entrees and desserts. Each creation impressed us more and more at the possiblities this “diet” has in store and we realized that because the pasta was a protein we became fuller with only a third of our normal portion. We ate less and fell full without feeling like we wanted to roll onto a couch and unbutton our jackets. We were thoroughly impressed and I have included a few of our¬†evenings images below.





Pasta First Course


Beef gourmet pasta


Destination Luxury Dinner

They must be doing something right if these restaurants have jumped on board and incorporated their items into their menus, not to mention all of the celebrity following their weight loss items have. Some of the other restaurants in Los Angeles that have added this weight loss pasta to their menu are:¬†Mangia,¬†Tra Di Noi,¬†Bravo Cucina can be called at 310.394.0374, Spazio Caffe can be called at 310.899.6769,¬†Via Alloro,¬†Drago Centro,¬†La Bruschetta,¬†Adoteca Brentwood,¬†Luca on Sunset,¬†Ago Restaurant,¬†Angelini Osteria,¬†Caffe Roma,¬†Drago Sisters Bakery,¬†Mama’s Cucina Italiana,¬†Sor Tino Restaurant,¬†Tanino Ristorante Bar¬†and¬†Cafe Milano. You can find out more¬†here if¬†you want to add some of their gourmet¬†pasta, tonics, croutons, sauces for¬†your dishes, chocolate drinks or rice in your kitchen at home.


Which is your favorite type of gourmet pasta? Let us know in the comments below.  


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