Disney is something that all children love and their characters are engrained in our fairytale stories. Disney has a way of making all little girls want to become princesses and all little boys to grow up big and strong. Today Disney has recreated many of their luxury items you’re used to  seeing in the movies available as part of their homes. You can purchase art, charms, jewelry, (beds, desks, dresses, etc.) and many artists have taken it upon themselves to recreate your favorite Disney characters from a modern day perspective. Below is some of the most interesting personal art we found. Let us know your thoughts below in our comments.

What Disney characters would look like from modern day artist’s perspectives.

Artist Sakimichan painted Disney characters with an awesome twist. Honestly they’ve never looked better. This artists Facebook page is Sakimi-chan.


The list above was compiled by ShaneChicago.

Now check out these awesome Disney villains as little kids in this collection was designed by Vivianne. You can see more of her artwork in her blog.

disney villains as little kids

John Rowe Original Art, John Rowe Disney Art, John rowe Ariel’s Reflection.

 Ever wondered how Disney princesses would look like in real life? You’re not the only one. That same idea crossed the minds of talented artists and here are some of their own perspectives on Disney’s beautiful heroines.

Esmeralda from the Disney adaptation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda, from the Disney adaptation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” is a beautiful gypsy girl with a strong spirit and a kind heart. The story is set in Paris, France where the actual Notre Dame Cathedral is located. The characters themselves are fictional, however, Esmeralda’s exotic beauty is reminiscent of French brunettes in the likes of Sophie MarceauEmmanuelle Béart or evenAngelina Jolie who is part-French.

Princess Tiana ~ “The Princess And The Frog

“The Princess and the Frog” features Tiana, Disney’s first ever African American princess. Tiana is working as a chef/waitress but is an aspiring restaurateur. The story is set in New Orleans in America during the 1920’s Jazz Age. The character is voiced by Anika Noni Rose but the portrait at the right looks more like the singer Brandy or model Chanel Iman.

Mulan ~ Disney Feature Animation

Mulan is a Disney heroine who pretended to be a male soldier in place of his ailing father to spare him from the obligation of going to war. The story is set in Ancient China during the Han dynasty. The portrait at the right resembles the Chinese actress Joan Chen.

Princess Jasmine ~ “Aladdin

Princess Jasmine is the sultan’s headstrong daughter in Disney’s take on the classic tale “Aladdin” from “The Book of One Thousand and One Nights”. While being a Middle-Eastern folk tale, the story itself is set in China. But Disney opted to show an Arabian version using harem-style fashions that felt a lot like Bollywood productions. This portrait of Jasmine illustrates the beauty of Middle-Eastern women. But in my opinion, Jasmine more resembles the likes of Priyanka Chopra or Aishwarya Rai, both of them are from India.

Ariel ~ “The Little Mermaid

Princess Ariel is one of the daughters of Triton, a character based on Greek mythology also known as the messenger of the sea. Ariel is “The Little Mermaid” who fell in love with a human prince and did all that she could to be “part of his world.” This classic tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is set in an underwater kingdom of Merpeople. Being a mermaid, there’s really not one person that I can compare her to. Her bright-red hair, mesmerizing eyes and ethereal features can only come from our own imaginings of what an ideal sea siren would look like.

Aurora ( Briar Rose ) ~ Sleeping Beauty

Aurora is the “Sleeping Beauty” in Disney’s version of the Grimm Brother’s moderated rendition of French folk tales. In those stories, the young princess was pricked by a poisoned thorn, fell asleep and was taken advantage of by a married prince. The princess gives birth to twins, all of them loathed by the prince’s wife who orders the cook to have the children fed to their father. Upon knowing he was eating his own children, the prince grew furious and threw his wife into the fire. Fortunately, the cook was a kind soul and substituted lamb meat in place of the children. This illustration is derived from a photo of Bella Thorne, one of Disney’s young talents.

Snow White by Razhbi.

Snow White from the Disney Classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” is a princess whose beauty is the object of her stepmother’s envy. The evil queen attempted to have her killed but the assassin took pity on Snow White and sent her to the woods wherein she would meet the seven dwarves and, eventually, her prince after she falls into a comafrom eating a poisoned apple handed to her by her disguised stepmother. This image is derived from a picture of the late Elizabeth Taylor, a legendary Hollywood actress also known for her unrivaled beauty.

Tinkerbell ~ “Peter Pan

Tinker Bell, from the Disney adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy”, is a fairy who mends pots, kettles and metal utensils. She plays a minor role in Disney’s “Peter Pan” but eventually landed a string of movies and series dedicated solely to her which also features several other fairy characters from Pixie Hollow. The illustration at the right is derived from a photo of Audrey Hepburn with her famous pixie cut hair. The images above were compiled from here.

A more unique, twisted and a quite interesting artistic approach can be seen below of the famous characters.

Pocahontas ~ by alicexz

Jedi Mulan by Brianna Garcia

  • Merlyn is a Playa’ by Brianna Garcia

    Pocahontas <3s Spider-Man and Meeko <3s Pikachu by FeiLongEX

    Pervy Muse by Fernando Mendonça.

    Jessica Rabbit in Wonderland by FitzOblon.

    Kaa and Pocahontas by FitzOblon.

    Kaa and Jasmine by FitzOblon.

    Kaa and Belle by FitzOblon.

    Scar is King of Pride Rock by ileana.

    Tiana Mermaid by Kay Ewing.

    Tinkerbell and Sexy Smurfette by Kay Ewing.

    Inappropriate Hook and Tinkerbell by LLToon.

    Centaur Cinderella by madmoiselleclau

    Jasmine Mermaid by madmoiselleclau

    Ariel/Sally Hybrid by madmoiselleclau

    MORE Princess Centaurs by Manon Yapari.

    Jessica’s Louis Vutoon Ad by MrOrozco.

    Aurora and Ariel are Friends by Pedro Barrera.

Who is your favorite Disney character? Which of the above artworks was your favorite artwork? Let us know in the comments section below for a chance to win an exclusive DLX prize.  
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