Further Future joins the ranks of luxury camping festivals like UK events Sundown Festival, Wilderness Festival, and Somersault Festival.
These events, with Further Future at the forefront, feature private dinners with celebrity chefs, spa packages, pop-up hotels, yoga + meditation classes and a bevy of other amenities – all set before beautiful natural backdrops.
This movement comes from the music festival craze that we are seeing across the world, but is coupling it with the travel needs of the super elite. The result is a finely tuned, luxurious camping experience that trumps the “glamping” that we see at larger, fewer boutique festivals like Bonnaroo or Coachella.
The event is put on in conjunction with Robot Heart – who are one of the most respected camps from Burning Man.
A core piece of the event is to provide an other-worldly experience through expertly curatedĀ education, creative programming, andĀ amenities that have been previously inconceivable in this desert environment.
Ā camping
Amenities Include:

– pop up luxury village by Eduardo Castillo’s Gypset

– full spa with reservation services by StyleSeat.com

– hair styling by Brittany Donaldson and Barber Walters

– Complete yoga programming by Pure Yoga – the biggest Yoga enterprise in the world

– gourmet culinary programming from award winning Las Vegas chefs

– Wildlotus Consciousness Hacking and Illuminated Speaker Team

– pop up dinner on a cliff top at sunset by celebrity chef Sam Marvin with wine pairing

– mixology programming from Francis Harris

– full speaker series to be announced on Forbes this week – featuring CEO of soundcloud Google(x), Voxer, Zappos et al

– many more luxe surprises

Musical acts include – Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons, The Orb, Miguel Migs and many more next level acts.
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