Valentines is coming up and we all want to find the perfect gift for the one we love. Sometimes the best gift is one that is made, therefore we found some of the cutest ways to say you love someone with very little effort and we guarantee they will smile.


1. Heart Shaped Pizza: How to here.

2014 Gorgeous Heart Shaped Pizza Valentine's Day Food, Heart Shaped Food Ideas

2. Strawberry Heart Pie.

Strawberry Heart Pie. Amazing!
 The recipe is here.

 3. Hidden Heart In A Cake

Surprise cakes! Cutting these confections reveals a stunning secret.
You can find the recipe here.

4. Hang A Litte Heart Cookie On Their Coffee or Tea

Linzer cookies. If I ever open up a cafe, you bet these little cookies wil go on every mug of coffee and tea!

5. Heart Shaped Eggs For Breakfast

23 Heart Shaped Foods for Valentine's Day Breakfast Lunch and Dinner #valentinebreakfast.
 Creating heart-shaped eggs is easy with Heart Pancake or Egg Rings ($5)

6. Conversation Heart Toast

7. Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies

Get the directions here.

8. Hugs and Kisses Sugar Cookies

Hugs and Kisses Sugar Cookies

Special thanks to marthastewart and get the directions here.

9.¬†X’s & O’s cheese on Valentine’s Salad

X's & O's cheese on Valentine's Salad, too cute -- add in a few cucumber hearts (cut w/cookie cutters as well) ‚ô•

10. Roasted Heart Potatoes

Delicious Roasted Potatoes- a cute idea to have with steak. I need to get a heart shaped cutter:-)

11. Write On Rocks and Give In A Glass Vase

Using rock for guestbook or advice jar- fits with the mountain theme, and beautiful for decorating with in flower arrangement, etc. later!

 12. Write Love Messages In A Jug

message in a bottle guest book | Nate Henderson #wedding

13. JigSaw Puzzle Cookie

While your cookies are still hot, just when you take them out of the oven, cut them up into pieces creating a jigsaw puzzle, using mini heart cookie cutter, fluted cutter and a knife. Be creative. Let the cookies cool. Ice cookies with white and red icing, let dry. Using a food pen write messages on each cookie, let dry.
When the cookie is hot out of the oven you can cut them and let them dry. Then you can write on them and serve.

14.  Make Them and Take Them A Meal

3 Innovative Products to Help You Take Meals

For less than $2, you have the perfect container for transporting soup, bread, utensils, and even a fresh kitchen towel.

¬†15. S’Mores Kit

Celebrate Winter Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners with Bonfires & S’mores | Rehearsal Dinner Guide
Gather some marshmallows and gram crackers and put them together in a plastic back and string and write a little love note. Voila!

16. Make A Custom Water Bottle

Water Bottles

You can create your own message or personalize the water bottle for your loved one. This way they will always think of you when they take a sip.

17. Instagram Coasters

Instagram Coasters

Everyone loves photos. Choose a few happy memories they will smile when they see and make them into photo coasters.

18.  Surprise Them With A Picnic

Picknick am See
Tell them to meet you at a location because you are running late and or take them walking through a park and voila…ROMANCE!

19. Write A Sweet Card

You Stole a Pizza My Heart Card : Love this and would love to make a DIY version with stamps!
Which one would you do for your significant other? Let us know in the comments below. 


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