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There have always been tensions between the haves and the have-nots, especially now that the wealth gap is growing bigger, so we decided to give you several motives to work harder than ever to be on the successful side, here are 49 reasons why it’s better to be rich than poor!

Your life significantly changes once you achieve that level of wealth where money is no longer an issue because there’s basically enough for you to live the way you want to and enjoy life to the fullest. Either through hard work or even simply by being born rich, the wealthy have significant advantages over the lesser fortunate that we’ll take a look at in the following segment.

But before we jump right into it, I’d like to start with a quote that perfectly resonates with the topic of this article: I’ve been a poor man, and I’ve been a rich man. And I choose rich every f***ing time! ~ Jordan Belfort

1. You live longer!

Studies show that rich people outlive the others by a good 20 years, that’s plenty of time to live a significant life!

Rich people live longer 49 reasons why it's better to be rich than poorRich people live longer | via huffpost.com

2. You do better in school!

Wealthier individuals afford tutors and mentors that help them get ahead!

Rich people do better in school 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorYou do better in school | via umw.edu

3. You don’t need to worry about health issues as much!

There are of course plenty of deadly disease that can kill you no matter your net worth, but it is a lot less likely to die from an untreated infection when you can afford a regular high end doctor.

Money buys healthMoney buys health | via foreclosureindustrynews.com

4. You pay lower taxes!

The rich are smart people, they worked really hard for their money and they do not part with it that easily. They have entire systems set in place that prevent governments from taking as big of a cut as they do in case of lower income individuals.

Rich people pay lower taxesRich people pay lower taxes | via nydailynews.com

5. You eat better food!

There’s no secret that if you have the money you can afford quality food not available to the large population. Healthier food is also a lot more expensive than fast food these days so the sooner you get wealthier the sooner you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Eating healthierYou can afford better food | via top10inaction.com

6. You have a greater chance of surviving a car accident!

If you do decide to be the one driving – although most reach people have a professional chauffeur – you are likely to drive a higher-end vehicle that dramatically increases your chances of walking out alive from a car accident.

Driving better car jeep grand cherokeeYou drive a better car | via trucktrend.com

7. You don’t worry about student dept!

You don’t have to take out a student loan, you are paying your studies out of your own pocket.

Student loans take care of themselvesStudent loans take care of themselves | via huffpost.com

8. You afford to dress better!

Without being selfish you can enjoy a higher level of quality garments meant to make your life as comfortable as possible.

You become more elegant You become more elegant | via uber.com

9. You drive your dream car!

You know that dream car you have in the poster on your wall? Rich people have that – and a few more – in their garage. They don’t even drive them everyday, just when they feel like it.

dream car Ferrari luxury redYou get to drive your dream car | via wallpaperstock.net

10. You can do more for the world!

More power should mean more responsibility in the words of Ben Parker, so as a wealthy individual you can make a difference and have an impact upon this world.

helping the worldHelping the world | via britannica.com

11. You can travel the world!

Immerse yourself in different cultures, learn as much as possible about the world making you a lot less ignorant about just how similar we all are and the core values we all share.

Travel the worldTravel the world | via huffpost.com

12. You don’t have to worry about bills!

Bills take care of themselves, you have financial advisers and accountants that take care of your best interests.

Bills are not to be worried aboutBills are not something you worry about | via marcscottvoiceover.com

13. You can follow your passion!

No matter what you’ve always dream of doing you are free to do so, because you no longer need to work on things you do not love just for the purpose of surviving.

49 reasons why it is better to be rich than poor following your passion

14. You get to meet famous people!

One of the perks of being rich is that you get to hang around famous people, meet and even work with them.

meeting famous people leonardo 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorYou get to meet famous people | via popsugar.com

15. You probably have a second home somewhere far away!

While most Americans are still working hard to pay their mortgages you own several properties around the world that are perfect for quick getaways, where you can relax and escape the stress back home.

Second luxury homeSecond luxury home | via home-styler.com

16. You have the time to learn languages!

Without having to work for your livelihood you are free to travel you become a multi-cultural person, opening opportunities around the world.

multilingual luxury richMultilingual | via inman.com

17. You enjoy gorgeous views!

One of the best things that come with wealth it the pleasure of indulging yourself in the beauty that is all around us. Either from top floor penthouses or hard to reach places, you enjoy every drop of it.

marina bay sands luxury viewEnjoying views like this one | via Marina Bay Sands Hotel

18. You do not have to look at the price tag!

If you have to look at the price tag, you probably can’t afford it! Rich people buy the things they want and need the way you buy bubble gum, you’ve never though if you can afford it or not, it’s an impulse buy.

Arab money luxury sheikIf I like it, I buy it | via damn.com

19. You fly private!

No more crying babies, ignorant flight attendants or missing your flight. The sole purpose of your own private jet is to be there for you when you need it and upgrade your life to the highest standards.

Private jet interior The perks of flying private | via airpartner.com

20. You afford to go to space!

With enough money you can have the most expensive experience money can buy these days: going to space. Russia has a program that for 8 million dollars with the proper training included you can go to space. Although the price is going down rapidly with companies like Richard Bransons’ Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, it’s still pretty expensive to go to space.

Go to spaceGo to space | via Virgin Galactic

21. You have access to higher education!

Higher education is something you can buy these days and once your budget allows it they will definitely open their doors for you.

Higher education for the rich harvardHigher education for the rich | via harvardchina.org

22. You can afford a really good lawyer!

A good lawyer can make small and medium size problems go away, so choosing them wisely should be a priority.

better call saulBetter call Saul | via mashable.com

23. You can provide for your family!

Your family has their basic needs covered so they can focus on personal growth. That is the ultimate goal in life isn’t it, to be happy and have those around you be part of your comfort and your happiness.

providing for your family pursuit of happynessLooking after those you care about | via chahal.com

24. You always have clean clothes!

This is something most of us take for grated, but at the lower end of the financial spectrum having clean clothes is a big impediment from outgrowing your current situation.

Luxury dressing roomYour dressing room looks like this | via thefhd.net

25. You have access to the latest technology!

Technology can be bought and that’s great news for anyone passionate about the latest tech available.

Latest tech google glass luxury 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorLatest technology available | via news.byu.edu

26. You afford expensive champagne!

There is a level of quality that most people will never get to experience when it comes to drinks. Champagne, wine, beer, even water have special segments for the super-wealthy.

luxury diamond champagne ealuxeDiamond champagne anyone? | via mikeshouts.com

27. You can enjoy the sea on an yacht!

Face it, you’ve always wanted an yacht! With enough money any wish you might have turns into reality, so buying an yacht and getting all your close friends to enjoy it with you should definitely be on your wish list.

Guy with two models on a luxury yacht ealuxeLovely weather and company | via absoluteyachts.com

28. You have personal trainers taking care of your weight!

It is easy to lose track of your weight when you’re a busy bee, but fortunately there are plenty of amazing fitness trainers out there that will get you back in shape in no time.

You get a hot personal trainer to make sure you're healthy | via cstatic.net

29. Your sex life is a lot better!

Dan Bilzerian is a living example of this point. Although money doesn’t buy love, it can buy amazingly hot sex!

Dan Bilzerian with 4 hot chicks on yacht 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorEverybody needs love | via Dan’s instagram

30. You are a lot safer in your home!

Security is something poor people can’t invest in because it can be quite expensive. Premium security services will make you feel like you’re bullet proof.

Home security for the ultra richHome security for the ultra rich | via ageekydaddotcom.com

31. You can afford the things we write about on Ealuxe!

Here on Ealuxe we have covered the World’s Most Expensive Things and we have to say that all of them are out of reach for even some upper-middle class individuals.

most expensive watchesWorld’s most expensive watches | Via Ealuxe.com

32. You can attend exclusive events!

There are events that have a really high entrance fee just so they can keep the quality of the people there to a certain degree of exclusivity. Money will definitely solve that problem for you.

victoria's secret fashion show exclusive eventVictoria’s Secret Fashion Show | via Victoriassecret.com

33. You can date the women on the magazine covers!

Those gorgeous women you’re seeing on the magazine covers are suddenly not out of your league anymore. Dating doesn’t hurt, but make sure you don’t rush things otherwise it can be extremely expensive for you!

Miranda kerrMiranda Kerr for GQ Magazine

34. You can buy good press!

Money is power, money is influence! You can use your fortune to change people’s perception of you if this is something you desire.

news anchors good press 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorThe news become a product | via huffpost.com

35. You help humankind advance!

The world’s richest people have been the catalysts of human progress since the early ages.

Elon musk is amazingElon Musk founder of Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Paypal

36. You can buy art!

Not only you can afford to buy art, you even have the time to study and understand what makes art so expensive! That’s something the average Joe will never be able to do.

Luxurious art in penthouse 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorYou learn how to understand art | via homeleven.com

37. You can enjoy perfect weather all year round!

Homes around the world, close friends in your entourage, your private jet, all this contribute to a beautiful tan.

Beach time, luxury girl in hammockTake some time off | via good-wallpapers.com

38. You can buy beauty to some degree!

Although money does not alter genetics -yet- money has a proven track record of aiding the beautification process.

Money makes you beautifulMoney makes you beautiful | via vadimandreev.ru

39. You don’t work for money, money works for you!

Compound interest, real estate, bonds, options, anything that pays dividends are your most loyal soldiers. They make your lifestyle possible without you moving an inch.

Cash deliveryCash delivery | via qz.com

40. You can buy a part in a movie!

If you’ve ever fantasized about being an actor you can if your bank account allows it. Many movies rely on wealthy investors for backing and are willing to offer you a few seconds of screen time in exchange for your generosity!

Get to be an actor 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorBuy some screen time | via screenslam.com

41. You can have you life story published!

These days you can self publish your life story online for free, but getting the enough momentum behind it so that millions of people read it is something else. Money solves that problem for you!

bestseller listBe on the bestseller list | via parade.com

42. You can buy your own island!

Buying an expensive island where you can escape away from everyone surrounded only by your close ones is something we should all shoot for. Land is not a depreciating asset so it makes sense from an investment standpoint also.

Your own private luxurious island 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorYour very own island | via songsaa.com

43. You can buy your favorite sports team!

Remember your favorite sports team? As a billionaire you should definitely add it to your portfolio.

mark cuban trophy goldMark Cuban did it | via dallasnews.com

44. You can wake up late if you want to!

Although the world’s richest people only sleep around 6 hours a night, you have the option, if you wanted, to sleep in late.

Sleep in late dog entrepreneurSleep is important | via psychcentral.com

45. You get to visit the playboy mansion!

It will be like a kid in a candy store. The Playboy mansion should definitely be on everyone’s list!rich enough at the playboy mansion 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than Poor

Welcome to the candy shop | via privesociety.com

46. Your toys are a lot bigger and better!

What’s your fortune if you can’t have a little fun?!

luxury fun submarine island 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorTake your friends for a ride | via Necker Nimph

47. You can overcome your fears by minimizing risk!

Any fear you might have can be coached through by professionals, opening a wide series of amazing experiences left to be discovered and enjoyed.

Emil Anton SkydivingOvercome your fear of heights.

48. You get to learn about more religions!

The less you know about the world, the more likely you are to be offended by other cultures. That is something wealth can fix if you are willing to put yourself in the learners position and try to understand what make people different and so incredibly interesting.

hindu religionBecome a spiritual person | via historia.ro

49. You are free!

Above everything else, Money has become the instrument of freedom, the key to opening doors that might be locked for other, the ultimate passport to see the world, the book comprising all the knowledge you need. If you want to make more money you can read, “Money: Master the Game” by self-help guru Tony Robbins and you can order it here.

Wealth should always be seen as a mean, an instrument to live a significant life, make a difference and enjoy to the fullest every second you are alive!

eagle escaping corporate job freedom 49 Reasons Why It Is Better To Be Rich Than PoorYou are free | via wallpaperswide.com
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