While there is no doubt that Las Vegas remains the spiritual home of fun and adventure, it also has a slightly less apparent reputation for overt luxury. Along the brightly lit Vegas strip there sits a number of opulent resorts and hotels, for example, many of which include luxurious suites that are indicative of truly sensational living!

These suites and resorts remain part of the overall Las Vegas experience, as thousands travel to this hedonistic mecca in a bid to gamble, relax and indulge in the type of modern luxuries usually reserved for the rich and famous. So while popular virtual gambling outlets such as the Royal Vegas online casino may capture the soul of Vegas, they can do little to replicate the unique and luxurious nature of the town. Check out CarefulCents for some ideas, tips and how to get started. 

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3 of the Most lavish and Luxurious suites in Las Vegas

With this in mind, which Vegas resorts are home to most lavish suites in the whole of Nevada? We have taken time to research thoroughly, with the following examples embodying exactly what Vegas is all about!


The Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesars Palace

While this is one of several luxury suites at the iconic Caesars Palace, Marcus Aurelius’ Villa remains a cut above the alternatives. Equipped with everything from an exotic fish tank to a double-sided fireplace and a baby grand piano, it is truly impressive and offers arguably the finest views of the Vegas Strip. This is a particular boon for those of you who enjoy people watching, as this opulent villa is also home to a beautiful terrace and an open-air, whirlpool spa.

The Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesars Palace

The Kingpin Suite at the Palms Casino Resort

If you have ever been to the Brooklyn Bowl, you will understand how the combination of alcohol and bowling makes for a wonderful night out! There is no need to venture out to achieve this when staying at the Kingpin Suite at the Palms Casino resort, however, as this comes equipped with its very own, regulation-sized bowling alley and an impressive bar.

There is also a pool table too, which makes it the ideal choice for fun-seeking bachelors who want a sanctuary in which they can occasionally escape the madness of Vegas!


The Barbie Suite (also) at the Palms Casino Resort

If you are fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who shares your love of Vegas and its unquenchable spirit, a stay at the Barbie Suite at the aforementioned Palms Casino Resort is to be recommended. Designed and scaled as a life-size version of the iconic Barbie dream house, this suite is a beautiful baby pink and includes everything you would expect from an actual incarnation of feminine luxury!

Obviously designed for couples (or hen parties that have been drawn by the unique appeal of Vegas), this suite offers a unique accommodation experience that is hard to replicate anywhere else in the world!

The Barbie suite at Palms Las Vegas designed by Mattel. Photograph by Francis George and Francis Baytan for francisandfrancis.com. Real Barbie dolls composited into images by us.



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