by Anton Giuroiu

Portugal-based design studio Mario Martins Atelier designed the amazing Colunata House completed in 2011. It’s located in the town of Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, a place that has become a real red-spot location for new,modern and edgy mansions.

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House Colunata was built with two particular things in mind that are definitory for the whole building: the first one-building it strategically to maximize the impressive panoramic views and the second specific was to offer this contemporary mansion the best solar orientation and protection against the elements. 


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Looking in from the water, the stark white of the house’s exterior contrasts boldly with the rocky landscape of the shore, while a reverse view captures the clean walls and hard lines blending seamlessly into tones of blue offered by the sky and water in an amazing synthesis.

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Homesthetics Conclusion Along with the impressive design on the exterior, the interiors are plane simple, amazingly beautiful, black on white on harmony and equilibrium with the gray floors.

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The furniture and arrangements are proof that sensitive minimalism can stimulate senses and imagination and therefore, let you blend in the beautiful landscape and calm of the rich blue water, sky and the calm of the modern interior  design itself.

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