Mark Werts, trail-blazing entrepreneur and founder of immensely popular retail store American Rag Cie, recently launched his business and practical policy book “America’s Simple Solutions: A Visionaryʼs Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow” at his store, American Rag Cie. Werts is known as being one of the most innovative retailers in the fashion scene.

Currently charting up on Amazon’s Hot New Political Economy Releases, it outlines a series of several key challenges facing American society and business today and provides well-researched, thoroughly insightful and common sense approaches that could very well lead to revitalizing the country across many different levels.

“We seem to be burying our heads in the sand while kicking the ball to future generations, rather than making courageous decisions to face reality,” Mark cautions. “And if we aren’t careful, we are headed toward a huge brick wall, and when the collision happens, it won’t be pretty.” But all is not lost, he says. “The good news is that there is time to avoid that collision. In the upcoming elections, if we choose wisely, we can put everyone from a city council member to our nation’s president into office who can turn us around and put common sense back into our lives.”

Throughout his accessibly written “blueprint,” Mark makes clear observations and provides compelling, efficient and feasible ways of improving the current economic and political climate with due deference to our country’s Founding Fathers, much of whose wisdom he argues has been forgotten.

Mark says he wrote “America’s Simple Solutions” primarily for the next generation, young adult Americans who are struggling to determine their own futures as well as the everyman across the country. According to J.Crew company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Millard (Mickey) Drexler, “Mark offers digestible yet insightful solutions to some of our biggest issues–with no agenda and no BS.”

Jim Ellis, Dean of USC’s Marshall School of Business adds, “Mr. Werts is a successful global executive who objectively looks at America’s issues as he would business opportunities, and proposes solutions for them that are realistic, and very viable. (It’s) a well-written, thoughtful piece giving our country a road map back to a leadership position.”

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