A wedding proposal is definitely one of the biggest moments in any person’s life; that perfect moment when a loved one expresses their love and asks if the person wants to spend the rest of their life with them. Destination Luxury went in search of some of the best wedding proposals couples have created. There will be ones that will make you laugh and then there will be a few that may even make you cry. Here’s to a little romance just in time for Valentine’s Day.



While out on a romantic day at the beach, the guy collected gorgeous seashells for his girlfriend. To her surprise, the boyfriend proposed once she found his hidden ring.


Dog lovers will absolutely adore this proposal. Edward planned his wedding proposal to his girlfriend Alex in Central Park. Knowing his girlfriend’s love for pugs, Edward contacted the New York pug meet up group. The pug group brought 16 pugs to the park with each pug having a giant heart balloon tied to them. Surrounded by pugs Edward proposed to Alex at the Bow Bridge.

Pug Proposal

(Image courtesy of Taryn Berman/ Caters News Agency)


Sfien took his girlfriend Denise to Delphinus World in Mexico. While the couple swam with the dolphins, Sfien proposed. The couple had a fantastic time swimming and playing games with the dolphins. Towards the end of their swim, Sfien held out a dolphin t-shirt with the words, “Will you marry me?” Sfien opened a waterproof canister to show a ring and got down on one knee. During the whole proposal the dolphins were dancing in the water and clapping.


This guy set up a whole room themed around Super Mario Brothers. When his girlfriend got there, he got down on one knee. Then the girl hit the question box hanging above with her head and a ring box popped out as the guy caught it to ask the big question.


Fans of Minecraft will love this. One proposer designed a Minecraft Roller Coaster game to belt out the lyrics “YOU HAD ME AT HELLO,” by a Day to Remember. Throughout the whole coaster ride in the game, the guy’s entire wedding proposal was shown in bits and pieces until the magic question was asked in the end.


Another gamer designed a Pixel game for his girlfriend to play. The game involved a knight in armor rescuing a girl. To the girlfriend’s excitement, the knight gets down in one knee and the game reads out the knight’s wedding proposal to the girlfriend.


Kevin hatched a cosplay proposal plan involving GI Joe, Laura’s favorite show at one of the couple’s favorite locations, the New York Comic Con. Through the help of friends and family, Kevin arranged for all of them to dress up at the con as various characters from the show. As the group surrounded Laura, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed.



During his girlfriend Emily’s softball game on Military Appreciation Day, Blake a soldier, decided to surprise her. After Blake performed the ceremonial first pitch he took out a box shaped like a softball from which held the engagement ring, got down on one knee and proposed.


At a Championship Conference swim meet Haley got quite a surprise from her boyfriend. At the meet, the guy had the swimmers from the guys swim team each hold a rose and card with a line from the couple’s favorite song. The men then walked out one by one, gave her a rose and card. Once the team gave her all the roses and cards, the Assistant Coach lead her out to a platform in the middle of the pool where her boyfriend proposes.


Fabricio and Sarah had met through their participation in soccer at Fresno Pacific University. He got the Coach, all the trainers, and two teammates to help with his scheme at a soccer practice. In the middle of practice Fabricio feigned injury to stop the game. While Sarah waited in worry over his prone body, he got up on one knee and proposed.


Matthew planned his proposal to Brynn in a fun and awesome sport, wave boarding. As the couple raced across the waves together pulled by the boat and their adrenaline, Matthew got down on one knee on the boat and proposed.


Omar rewrote the lyrics of “SEASONS OF LOVE” song from Susan’s favorite musical, “RENT”; he named the new song “FOREVER LOVE.” The Londoner then hired a Capella group to sing the song and recruited all of Susan’s friends and family to plan a Flash Mob. Under the pretense of taking Susan to a potential marketing job, Susan’s friends took her to the Griffin Observatory and the plan falls into place.


Tall Tale Proposal

(Image courtesy of Ryan Broderick/Buzzfeed)

Paul got really creative with his wedding proposal to Erika by creating an adorable illustrated children’s book with the help of Yoni Limor, a noted artist. He took the book to the local library and hid it on a shelf and told Erika he had to stop by the library for a small drop off. When she read the book in the library he proposed. Titled “A Tall Tale,” the book’s story can be found here.


Marq planned a flash mob at the 2011 New York Comic Con for his proposal to Chriselle. The flash mob consisted of multiple costumed dancers that included characters such as Tigger, Green Lantern, Toy Story Alien, and Buzz Lightyear as they danced to “Marry You.” Even Boba Fett got some dance action when he performed a break dance routine. At the end of the dance, Marq, dressed as Ash from “Pokémon” got down on one knee to open up a pokeball holding an engagement ring.


This marriage proposal had a fun Harry Potter theme. Jaysin’s fiancé-to-be, Andrea, is a huge Harry Potter fan and dreams of having a Harry Potter themed wedding. Jaysin had sent Andrea out on a Harry Potter scavenger hunt that involved riddles, trivia, and puzzles. Andrea had to solve all of them to find Jaysin. The hunt and results are adorable to watch.


Here’s a Fairytale proposal you’ll love. Holt planned his proposal to look like a Disney Fairytale for his girlfriend Ashely. The lucky gal got to be dressed and pampered as a princess. Ashely even got to wear a beautiful yellow Belle-like ball gown.


Under the pretense of filming the couple’s love story, Mat had a film crew follow them at different romantic locations. Kylie, Mat’s girlfriend of six years, was then led to a beautiful park for an outside screening of multiple romantic Disney scenes. At the end, Mat got down on one knee and proposed.


Isaac took his girlfriend Amy for a nice dinner at his parents’ house. However, Amy found out those weren’t her boyfriend’s actual plans. Instead, the ecstatic girlfriend was placed in the back of a car with headphones playing Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.”. As the car rolls down the street, friends, families, neighbors and even a marching band gather at different stages to “Live-Lip-Dub” the lyrics.


What would you choose as your romantic proposal? What has been your favorite?

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