Almost always, after waiting a long time and arriving at a certain date, we want to leave practically fleeing to the hotel where we are already waiting for a well-deserved vacation. If you have to drive and go by road do not go so fast. Many vacations are ruined from the first day because they did not take the minimum precautions in their car.

At least a week before, we must go with a mechanic or the agency of confidence to check the brakes, levels and the engine in general. However, sometimes we neglect those four wheels that are finally the ones that will transport us to our destination. That is why here I want to share some tips so you can drive safely and get to any destination on your steel horse. Take note!

It will not happen to me!

Did you know that road accidents are almost always caused by a simple tire puncture? Many of them end with tragic consequences. While you’re driving expertise, the use of the seat belt, the state of the road and other factors have to do with how well you get rid, ultimately your tires are the ones that will have the last word.

Your tires must have the characteristics established in the official Mexican norms and the way to realize it is the following:

How long are the tires?

No matter how many kilometers you have traveled with your tires, every 4 years you should change them. Over time the tires deteriorate, the sun, the cold and in general the temperature changes the cracks and will cause small cracks that are not visible to the naked eye. Although its structure is not damaged on the outside, if they are more than 4 years old, they no longer have the same safety qualities.

Pressure and inflation

If your trip is going to last several hours or a whole day, check the pressure of your tires every 3 hours. It would seem exaggerated, but the changes in altitude and the road will make the air inside change. In a long distance tour you should use truck bed cover for keeping it cool and smart.

Tighten the studs tightly

It does not hurt to check if your tires need a small fitting in the studs, which are the screws that keep the rim in position, they must be tight.

Do not put more load than they can withstand

The luggage, if you travel with the whole family and even the dog, is a weight that you should take into account especially if your tires are designed to support up to a certain specified weight. You can search the internet according to the model of your tires so that you calculate well and do not exceed it.


Obviously the tires also have their limits in terms of the speed of running they can withstand. You can see this in the legends that are printed on the tires. Do not exceed them because at a higher speed your tires may not respond, skid or strike out.


The cheap is expensive. Think about this when buying tires, since cheap tires can get you out of trouble at some point, but if you go by road, take it at the time of driving. The tires must be resistant to high temperatures, have good traction on wet floors and also durability.

Worn tires

You can tell how worn your tires are with a ruler: if the tire groove or the drawing does not have a depth less than 1.6cm. It’s time to start thinking about buying new tires.

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