Amazed by the success and publicity Margaritaville has generated, we had the great opportunity to interview their executive team during the American Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles. John Cohlan, CEO of Margaritaville, offered up insight on what the Margaritaville brand stands for, the destination locales and what the word luxury means to him. Cohlan defines the values of the state of mind of the brand and what it has to offer.


Photo of John Cohlan provided by Margaritaville.

Destination Luxury: Tell us about the Margaritaville Brand.

John Cohlan: Our resort brand, is really a new version of luxury living. We call it, “casual luxe.” You can come to our resorts and live in the luxury you have become accustomed to. But also be very casual relaxed, have a good time and socialize with others who enjoy the tropical lifestyle.

Within our slate of locations, our Hollywood resort is considered to be the top large independent resort in the country. We are directly on the sand in South Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We have eight of our own branded food and beverage offerings, including the JWB Prime Steak and Seafood Restaurant, which has been rated in the top 10 of both seafood and steakhouse destinations. We serve spear caught fish every night. You can come to our place and be there for four or five nights and have a different dining experience with our Margaritaville restaurant, the LandShark Bar and Grill, Five O’Clock Somewhere Bar to watch the sunset on the Intracoastal. It’s a great destination luxury experience in Florida.

Inspired by the musician Jimmy Buffett, the Beach Resort Grand Cayman is a lot more than a world-class resort. Cayman is a destination where one can enjoy the comfort of home and more. Photo courtesy of Margaritaville.

Destination Luxury: You have a great spa too.

Cohlan: It’s the St. Somewhere Spa. It’s completely unique; we have our very own bespoke tropical escapist treatments. I’m not gonna share them with you, you’ll have to come to try them. It’s been rated one of the top spas in South Florida, and that is a perfect recharging opportunity at the end of the day, before going out to enjoy the nightlife at our resort.

Destination Luxury: What about some of your other locations?

Cohlan: We’re very excited because Key West is the original home of Margaritaville. And the Westin in Key West. The flag just came down last week and the Margaritaville flag was raised on the Marina and the resort. That’s the resort and Marina, right at that the dock in Key West. We’re very excited about that. We are also soft opening in the first quarter, a resort in Grand Cayman, which is a three-hundred room beachfront resort. Everywhere you go, you are provided all the comforts but also a window onto having as much fun as you possibly can.

John Cohlan

The James William Buffett Prime Steak and Seafood is an all-new upscale restaurant located at the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort. Photo courtesy of Margaritaville.

Destination Luxury: What are some of your favorite parties held at your properties?

Cohlan: Well, weddings. What better place to get married than in Margaritaville? What memories, better memories to take home with you. Reunions. It’s really about people who have been friends, getting back together. And people who are creating new friends. You know what I find, in Margaritaville, we say it’s five o’clock somewhere. At five o’clock, it’s time to renew old friendships and create new ones.

Yara Restaurant

YARA restaurant at the Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort.

Destination Luxury: What does luxury mean to you?

Cohlan: Luxury means comfort – comfort of high-quality. Always go to the sleeping experience. There is not a better sleeping experience from pillows to sheets to the quality of the bed than at Margaritaville…



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