The Super Bowl halftime show is the most viewed performance of the year, it really is the world’s stage. Performers have been taking advantage of this for decade, and not always in the best way. Below are the top four most controversial moments from the Super Bowl half time performances that you HAVE to see. 


Someone should’ve told Fergie, Axl Rose isn’t someone you want to be impersonating. When Slash joined them on stage at the 2011 Super Bowl to perform Sweet Child O’ Mine, it actually turned out pretty sour.



It all started with the controversy about Queen Bey not singing live, after the Marine band released a statement saying that their parts were prerecorded due to the freezing weather. After the performance, the internet exploded because of a triangle symbol she had made during the performance that many believed to be a symbol of the illuminati.


2. MIA.

MIA is known for being one of the rebellious “bad girls” in music, and she fulfilled her reputation by giving a certain finger to the camera that night. Madonna later made comments about this moment saying that she felt MIA took the focus off of her, talk about a catfight.



The original Super Bowl controversy is still being talked about today, and it’s not the performance that everyone is talking about. Nobody will ever forget Nipplegate, and we’ll never truly know if it was planned or not.


What was your favorite, controversial Super Bowl performance? Do you have another controversial Super Bowl performance? Let us know below in the comments.


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