Looking for 5-star luxury hotels that offer unique amenities, breathtaking views and a level of comfort that is unmatched? Look no further — here is a list of 5-Star Luxury Hotels found throughout the world.

10. The Westin Excelsior in Rome

This hotel was built in 1906, which explains why most of the rooms are deemed “affordable”. It is the $7 million renovation of the Villa La Cupola Suite that gets a lot of buzzes towards 5-star luxury hotels status. The luxury suite covers two full floors making it the largest suite in Italy. Although it has been modernized with its renovation, it still manages to keep grand old charm with its cathedral style domes. The suite boasts its own private sauna, fitness center, steam bath, Jacuzzi and formal dining room.

9. The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is all about showcasing and high rollers. So naturally, they are going to be flooded with luxury hotels and 5-star luxury hotels is worth looking for. One that stands out from the rest is The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa is probably the most famous rooftop suite there. It holds up to 250 people and has a Jacuzzi that overlooks The Strip. Inside, you have a private glass elevator, gym, rotating bed, sauna and a full bar. If you ever wondered what the world’s most famous playboys lived like, check out his suite at The Palms. You won’t be disappointed.

8. The Boulders in Arizona

The Boulders prestigious golf and spa resort in the deserts of Arizona decided to leave its décor design up to Mother Nature.  Besides, why not save some money and allow the beauty of million-year-old rock formations to produce jaw-dropping highlights for your guests? Covering 1,300 acres in the Sonoran Desert, its massive spa will give you top-notch natural rejuvenation alongside their two world-class golf courses. To show how private and respectful of their guests, the staff is not allowed to discuss visitors until they are deceased. That says a lot!

7. Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji

The Grand Pacific Hotel has been noted as an icon in the South Pacific for more than a century. This hotel was established for royalty and to this day, still displays South Pacific hospitality and contemporary service. Of course, a hotel that is over 100 years old is going to need some rehab work done. In May 2014, the hotel reopened on its 100th Anniversary and was completely rebuilt. It now features a wonderful blend of unbelievable architecture and history, topped off with Fijian hospitality and culture. The amenities include a peaceful relaxing spa, indoor/outdoor pool, yoga and fitness studios, as well as multiple lounges, restaurants, and bistros.

6. Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya

In 2009, Russian Billionaire Telman Ismailov decided to spend $1.65 billion to build the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey. This hotel is flooded with unbelievable crystal, Italian, and gold leaf marble to cover the interior. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the 17 bars before you dine at your choice of 10 first class dining spots within and around the campus. Another big feature? The largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean, which can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The site also includes a lavish spa and aquarium filled with exotic fish. Ismailov had 9,000 tons of crystal white sand flown in from Egypt to cover the beaches. To top it off, there is a 24/7 butler service that comes with your stay to fulfill your every need.

5. The Plaza one of the top 5-star luxury Hotels in New York City

In the land of bright lights, massive skyscrapers and some of the world’s most expensive real estate lies a most luxurious hotel where all the VIPs stay when they come to town. The Plaza Hotel in New York City has often stood amongst the many swanky and legendary hotels in the Big Apple. The Royal Plaza Suite is the desired choice for visitors because of its breathtaking views of Manhattan. The 3 bedroom/3 bathroom suite is equipped with a library, gymnasium, formal dining room, a full kitchen, grand piano, and a butler’s pantry. When you live in luxury, you want seclusion and privacy. And nothing is more private than your own private elevator. Going up?

4. Fancourt in South Africa

The Fancourt won the 2016 Luxury Hotel Award for Best Luxury Golf Hotel and Resort. The sights, beauty, and leisure have made Fancourt one of South Africa’s most sought-after destination. Once you enter the property gates, leisure awaits you. Situated around the facility, 115 luxurious room and suites offer views of the golf warm-up area, the Montagu Golf course or landscaped gardens. Either way, your view is spectacular for 5-star luxury hotels.

3. Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos, Mexico

Imagine exiting the lobby of your hotel and it opens up to the beautiful raging sea. This is the view you get from the picturesque lobby of the Secrets Marquis Los Cabos. Lovers of luxe come from all over the world to experience all that this hotel has to offer. Gorgeous infinity pools, beautiful sculptures, and massive waterfalls define the scenery. Have you ever seen a whale outside of your room? The luxurious rooms at this hotel offer balcony where you can catch whales migrating. If you enjoy privacy, you can stay at one of the pristine Villas and enjoy your personal dipping pool. 

2. Armani Hotel in Dubai

The signature approach of Giorgio Armani is simple elegance and sophistication. The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, houses the Armani Hotel Dubai. It is equipped with 170 luxurious suites and rooms and seven world-class restaurants. Let go of all your troubles in the peaceful environment of the Armani Spa. You can even do some all your shopping at numerous retail outlets without having to leave the hotel.

1. Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island or “The Atlantis” is touted as the premier luxury hotel in the Bahamas and possibly all of the Caribbean. This 141-acre water world was built in honor of the legendary lost city. When you visit Atlantis, you must stay in the 23rd Floor Royal Towers Bridge Suite. Its full-length windows and towering 12-foot ceilings span across all 10 rooms. You can do all the entertaining that you want in the two entertainment centers. Enjoy a formal dinner with family and friends accompanied by a 22-karat chandelier above. A favorite amenity of the guests is the 24/7 butler staff of seven to cater and service your every need.   

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Written by Destination Luxury contributor Cornelius Camp 

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