Marketing and business are in the life-blood relationship. Without customer awareness, even the best of the products stand little chance to move in the market. Art selling is no exception; instead, each artwork is unique that requires substantial marketing efforts to broaden the customer base. 

The process of pushing an artwork in the market is complex and may require you to focus on the following factors.

Know your Art

The first step to art marketing requires you to reflect on your artwork and broadly categorize it to search for a customer base. This means understanding labeling the theme of your artwork and then matching it to your customer’s needs. For example, if your art portrays woman empowerment, you stand a good chance of moving it in feminist art shows. Understanding your art makes it easy for you to look for appropriate customers. 

Device a Marketing Plan

Setting up goals is important to stay consistent with marketing efforts. You may want to set up short term and long term goals depending on how many pieces you wish to sell in the coming months and year. Backing your goal with a strong action plan can help you to meet your expectations easily. Detail marketing moves revolve, setting up a deadline for every step.


Go Online

Placing your artwork strategically across all the platforms increases your exposure. The modern method of selling art online is gradually replacing conventional methods of showcasing. So, you may want to spend some time and resources in place of your online. Try SEO for your website to drive organic traffic.Besides this,you can also go for established platforms like Fiverr, absolute art, etc. for maximum exposure.

Try Social Media Marketing

People choose to spend a good number of hours on socializing, this can be an opportunity that can work in your favor. You can widen your reach through these platforms by creating webpages, running a contest, offering discounts, and running ads across these platforms. 

Follow up on your Customers

Happy customers are the ones who often become returning customers. Selling artwork is hugely dependent on word of mouth. Small gestures on building better customer relationships following up on them or exchanging season greetings can go a long way. The more your customers appreciate your work, your post-sales relationship, the better it is for your business reputation and sales. 


The Bottom Line

Gradually people are shifting to a life-style where buying from the comforts of their homes has taken over the business world. Some people now choose to visit webpages repeatedly before they plunge into the buying process, while others still love walking into a gallery and making a choice. So, a modern artist needs to shake hands with the technology and keep the old methods alive.


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