When well maintained, a garden can add a natural touch to your home. Depending on how you want it to look, your garden should feature nicely arranged and trimmed plants. But how do you make it stunning to look at?

Well, there are several ways to spruce up your garden without needing a gardener’s help. You simply have to be creative and open-minded about the whole thing. It can be helpful to have some great gardening tips that will really help you to get your garden in good shape. 

Here are some of the ideas you can incorporate in your garden to make it desirable:

1. Add Fertilizer to your Lawn


Add a nitrogen fertilizer to make the leaves of plants in your garden glow. You can source one from a local store or make your own. Consider setting aside a place for composting kitchen refuse and other organic waste from your household.

When using inorganic fertilizer, put half a tablespoon on each plant. Remember to research the type of nutrients needed by plants in your garden. Apply fertilizer routinely to achieve the best results. 

2. Spice up Your Garden Shed


Your garden shed can be the center of attraction with a few creative touches. You may consider painting it with vibrant colors of your choice to make it more appealing. Installing a bench underneath the shed may also make it look cozy. 

Carefully trim the weeds or plants underneath the shed since they may attract pests and insects. You can also add stylish looking flower or plant pots below the shed. Either way, the goal here is to make the place breathable. 

3. Create a Small Allotment Plot


With a small allotment plot on your garden, you can sustainably grow vegetables and fruits. Try cornering off a section of your garden to serve as the allotment plot. Till the land before planting your plants of choice. You can routinely add leaf mould, manure and compost to support the health of the plants. 

The mini allotment plot can also accommodate neatly arranged plant pots. You may even use it to set up a nursery of your favorite crops. The options for what to put on the plot are endless. 

If it’s your first time planting crops in your garden, consider getting the soil tested to know the types of plants that can grow on it. You may get a soil self-testing kit or send the soil samples to the lab. Once you’re certain about the chemical properties of the soil in your garden, research the types of plants that it can sustain. 

4. Re-design Your Plant Pots


Instead of buying new plant pots, you can paint the old ones with a color of your choice to make them more appealing. Did you know that you can turn pretty much anything into plant pots? We’re talking about teapots, tun tubs, wellies, wheelbarrows and any other container that can accommodate plants. Get creative with it to give your garden some personality and save cash in the long run. 

One way to give your flower pots an elegant makeover is by using acrylic paint. Mark the design or pattern you want on the pot using tape. You can also paint a small section of the interior and add a good leaf to the sides. 

5. Add a Creative Touch to Your Lawn Edges 


For many garden owners, a lawn is a focal point of the garden and an ideal place to relax, play or seat. It also provides ample clearing for your poultry and produces oxygen. You can alter the design of your lawn as shrubs or trees grow by focusing on the borders and beds. Colorfully painted bricks or blocks can help add a vibrant look to your lawn edges. 

Consider making these changes during late winter to give your turf ample time to adjust before spring. You should also mark out the entire shape of your lawn before adjusting the edges. If you’re looking to achieve a curved border, use a rope or hosepipe. Planks work well if you’re aiming for straight edges.


6. Plant Perennials


Perennial plants are a great addition to any garden since they last way longer and have low maintenance costs. Take time reviewing your choices for perennials since you’ll be having them in your garden on a long-term basis. Look at factors such as maturity period, plant length and size of harvest when shopping for them. Consult with friends or family members with experience planting perennials to increase your knowledge about the plants. 

Just like other plants, perennials require certain growing conditions for them to thrive. Choose plants depending on the soil and weather conditions of your area. You should also consider the water and nutrient needs. The good thing about perennials is that they require less water and fertilizers and can help improve soil quality of your garden.


7. Light up your garden


Since your garden shouldn’t only look nice during the day, consider lighting it up with vibrant bulbs. You may use solar-powered lamps or bulbs powered by your main-grid electricity. You’ll be doing more than ensuring that your plants and lawn are visible during the night. Ensure that the lighting appliances are safe from harsh weather conditions and human interference. 

With lights all over, it’s easy to find your way through the garden. You can also enjoy the night with friends or family members next to the garden. The designs for the lighting appliances will depend on your tastes. Either way, you should position the lamps along the path to your garden and around the plant beds. 

The seating areas in your garden should also receive adequate light. Go for mildly bright options when shopping for the lighting appliances. The lamps should complement the colors of the leaves and flowers in your garden. Solar-powered designs will be ideal if you’re looking to save energy bills and achieve a sustainable look and feel. 


The Bottom Line


Gardening is among the best pass-time activities you can do since it gives you a chance to freely experiment with ideas and nurture plants. With a nicely maintained garden around your house, you get a place you and your family can relax and unwind. Since your garden won’t miraculously turn into something desirable overnight, it may take some time to ensure that it looks good. Stick to the tips discussed above to achieve your desired results. 

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