by Crystal Wilson

CBD or the natural cannabidiol has been creating a buzz in the health and wellness niche. Even though it belongs to the marijuana family, it has a tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content of just 0.3%. Given that, it is not psychoactive. What’s more, it has been manifesting several health benefits for both men and women.


Derived from the hemp plant, the use of CBD oil has been especially beneficial for women in a holistic way. They show impressive benefits in many of the medical conditions unique to women. Curious? We satiate it by list out seven of the incredible health benefits of CBD for women that are fast gaining scientific evidence.

Can balance the hormonal imbalance 


Do you know that our body has over 200 hormones or chemical messengers supporting all our body functions? it includes even essential ones like metabolism, reproduction, development, etc. But various factors lead to its over- or under-production. Both conditions cause adverse health effects and lead to hormonal instability or imbalance. The state is more pronounced in women especially during puberty, menstruation, pre and menopausal phase, etc. 


The effect of it is devastating on women. They face a myriad of issues like hair fall, mood swings, fat gain, genital atrophy, etc. Studies indicate that CBD has a positive impact on restoring the hormonal imbalance by regulating the secretion of cortisol, the stress activating hormone. It modulates all other hormonal imbalance and helps any woman remain in top health conditions through various stages of her life.  

CBD can ease the PMS symptoms  


Pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS is a nightmarish experience for any woman. The pre- and the menstruation period comes along with a host of issues like cramps, bloating, mood swings, anxiety, nausea, constipation, fatigue, breast tenderness, etc.  PMS symptoms are a nightmare for any woman.  

But research has indicated that CBD can alleviate nearly all the PMS symptoms and take any woman to a happy state.

CBD can help you sleep better.  



The benefits of proper sleep cannot be over-emphasized from both health and beauty perspective. Unfortunately, not only women but men also suffer from restless sleep and insomnia. The reasons for it can vary from stress, concern, fears, and many other factors. The poor quality of sleep can cause fatigue and various physical and mental problems.  


But research has shown strong evidence of CBD-infused products and CBD oil tackling the root cause of insomnia and inducing mental peace and calmness. Consequently, any woman sleeps much better and wakes up beautiful and refreshed. Companies like High Supplies makes pure CBD oil which you can also try and sleep like a baby.

CBD can help fight anxiety and depression. 


Anxiety and depression are a natural outcome of the fast-paced and highly competitive lifestyle that we lead. While over 300 million people around the world are supposedly suffering from it, women are more vulnerable to it than men, almost twice at risk. While there is no sure shot cure for depression and anxiety; a study suggests CBD as a promising treatment. It shows antidepressant-like effects and treats both insomnia and anxiety even in children.  


The effect manifests by the ability of the CBD to interact with the brain receptors for serotonin, the dopamine. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. Dopamine is another feel-good and happiness-inducing neurotransmitter of the brain. CBD balances the levels of both these hormones to induce a calm and happy state of mind. You would inevitably end up feeling positive and helpful.

CBD works wonders for your skin.


Looking youthful with smooth and glowing skin is something every woman strives for throughout her life. Most women leave no stones unturned for it. CBD has a high concentration of antioxidant, which fights away the skin radicals like fumes and dust to leave a glow.  


CBD also works the receptors and glands on the skin to regulate the sebum and oil production to prevent blocking of the pores and the outbreak of the acne. The consequence is healthy, smooth, and shining skin, the ultimate dream of every woman.


CBD as the ultimate beauty regime.  



CBD items are taking the beauty industry by storm. The product yields a whole bounty of benefits. Few of them include:


  • Enhancing repair regeneration to improve the epidermis cell.
  • CBD can retain skin moisture, prevent collagen breakdown, and improve the skin’s elasticity. Because of it, wrinkles and fine lines are kept at bay and the youthful vibe is retained for a longer time.  
  • Strengthens the hair roots and promotes healthier hair.  
  • Reduces dark spots and patchy skin


Hence, the use of CBD can take your beauty regime to a whole new level. 

CBD can alleviate cancer-related symptoms. 


Cancer remains a deadly disease. Women are highly vulnerable to it. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. are some forms of cancer that have a high percentage globally. The cannabidiol has demonstrated excellent ability to reduce both the inflammation and the growth of the tumor cells in the body.  


CBD helps any woman to work out better and recover faster from its fatigue. It also provides great relief to women suffering from cancer if combined with chemotherapy. It not only expedites the death of the abnormal cells but also the way they reproduce. CBD also reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy like nausea and vomiting. 

Wrapping up  


While CBD is not a miracle solution curing all diseases; it offers an excess of health benefits, especially for women. Hence, not using it and reaping its benefits seems like a shame. Even though the true efficacy and safety of the CBD have a long way to go, it still shows a promise of being a safe and powerful natural treatment for a wide array of issues, unique to a woman. 

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