The DLX team recently visited AIRE ANCIENT BATHS in New York and experienced two-hours of complete serenity. Each space (currently they have locations in Seville, Barcelona, Almeria, Vallromane and New York) is uniquely chosen to be hosted in a historical location that is then restored to its original stature to give guests a true bathhouse experience. The space we visited in Tribeca was originally a textile factory, built in 1883 and all materials and finishes are according to the original building’s design.

AIRE integrated several unique pieces of great historical relevance. There were pitchers made of clay sourced from Seville, the water fountain in the main lobby came from a XVI century palace-house from Grenada, in the south of Spain. The bathhouse itself was lined with lanterns, both the terra-cotta ones and the metal ones, which came from Marrakesh and are custom-made for the space.

As we entered the lobby, we were greeted with tea and water, and then escorted into a dimly lit dressing room lined with solid white marble counter tops sourced from old country houses in northeast Spain, in the Costa Brava area. The space was filled with tranquil music to calm our senses as we began to feel peace of both our body and mind. We changed into a bathing suit, water slippers and wrapped ourselves in a robe, and then entered a place of pure enchantment and relaxation. This subterranean, underground oasis filled with various water treatments was entirely candle-lit and had no natural lighting. With low music playing, and no cellphones or watches allowed, we really lost all sense of time and space leaving us to feel utterly relaxed, both body and mind. It was a digital detox.

With only a certain number of guests in the bathhouse per session, we were able to feel fully immersed in the experience with no distractions.

We enjoyed one of AIRE’s most popular treatments, the thermal bath. This included a circuit through several water pools such as an ice pool (50F), cold pool (57 F), warm pool (97 F), hot pool (102 F), salt pool, as well as the Propeller-Jet Bath, the steam room, and the relaxation area, a place to rest on hot marble stones and enjoy a cup of tea or a fresh fruit juice. The play of different water temperatures helps improve blood circulation, causing muscles to relax easier. We really loved the saltwater bath, which has the density of the Dead Sea, causing us to just float immediately.

The AIRE ANCIENT BATHS experience can be used as a wellness way of staying in shape, a way to gain additional health benefits, a place of romance, or as somewhere that will help you decompress and “get away from it all”. In a city like New York with such a fast paced life, we are always looking for experiences that help us escape the hustle and bustle for a couple hours and allow for us to enjoy a relaxing experience. AIRE ANCIENT BATHS is like leaving on a journey without leaving Manhattan. This full body, immersive practice recuperates the Greek and Roman experience as a way of relaxation that calmed our mind and body, and fully rejuvenated us for the rest of our typical day in the Manhattan bustle.

For more information visit AIRE ANCIENT BATHS.

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