Are Dentists in Mexico as Good as in the US?

Mexico is the best dental tourist destination for people in the US and even Canada. The rising out-of-pocket expenses for dental care drives people in the US and Canada to look beyond borders for affordable dentistry. Dentists in Mexico seem to have the answer, providing dental services for much less. But are they as good as their American counterparts? Let us find out.

In a Word, Yes

This does not mean each and every dentist in Mexico is beyond reproach. But the country has its fair share of first-rate dentists. Mexico has plenty of excellent dental colleges that most dentists there have attended. Moreover, many of them have received all or part of their training in the US as well.

Why this Question Comes Up

Why are you, like many others, asking whether dentists in Mexico measure up? It is a perfectly good question and the main reason behind it is the stark price difference in dental services across the US-Mexico border.

For instance, in the Mexican border town Los Algodones dental implants start around USD $1,250 / CAD $1,650. In the US and Canada, you would have to shell out an average of USD $3,900 / CAD $5,150 per implant.

Thankfully, the price difference does not mean you have to trade dollars for health. It is important you understand why even the best dentists in Mexico are able to provide such inexpensive dentistry.

The primary reason is that in Mexico dental clinics can operate on a much lower budget than those in first world countries. Mexico’s lower cost of labor and material and cost of living also translate into lower dental bills.

Top Clinics

Among the most convenient dental destinations in Mexico is Los Algodones, also known as Molar City. The town has over 300 dental clinics, along with low-cost pharmacies and opticians. Not to mention some pretty decent restaurants and inexpensive shopping options. At its core of course, are first-rate dental clinics such as Sani Dental Group and Simply Dental.

It is thanks to clinics such as these that Molar City and Mexico overall has become a dental tourism hotspot particularly in North America. Algodones is just ten miles from Yuma in Arizona, USA. You will like the area’s warm and dry climate, especially in the winter. The Christmas season also sees some of the town’s best fiestas. Senior citizens often plan day trips to Coachella Valley. Before you return you can refill your prescriptions from the low-cost pharmacies, while also getting non-prescription medicines for much less.

Feel free to learn more about the dentists in Mexico working at the clinics mentioned above. If you are getting dental implants, you will have to visit Mexico again after four to six months once the implants have infused with your jaw bone. Rest assured that if you choose the right clinic, your dentist will be at par with your local pricey one!

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