Whether you choose a classic leather apple watch band or a band of any other kind, it’s not the material that makes a whole lot of difference, but the type of clasp each of your iWatch has makes a difference. 


Have you ever taken the time to wonder about what type of clasp is on your iWatch band? Is it a classic buckle apple watch band or one with a deployment clasp? Does it make a difference? Let’s find out today. 


The different types of clasps that exist for your watch might just surprise you. 

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of the Different Types of iWatch Clasps and Fasteners

There are primarily two major types of clasps – deployment clasps and buckles. On the usual, deployment classes are metallic and are primarily used on metal watches. On the other hand, pin buckle type of fasteners is most frequently seen on rubber-based or leather watches.


There are various categories among these broad classifications of fasteners for watches. Let us take a look at the different kinds right away. 

  • Deployment Clasp 

This is the basic form of deployment clasp. It is most commonly seen on men’s watches. However, uncommonly on leather apple watch bands. They are exclusively used on metallic watches. Generally, it unfolds in thirds and leaves room for your hand to go through the band. After this, it locks in place with a latch that is like a hook, which is sometimes hard and awkward to undo. However, with practice, it works well. These types of clasps generally need to be resized according to one’s waist size by a watch professional, making the process quite tedious. 

  • Push Button Aided Deployment Clasp

On the other hand, these push-button aided deployment clasps are perfectly similar but come with a push-button. They look different as well. The clasp visible to the naked eye is far smaller compared to the regular deployment clasp. However, they are far more convenient when it comes to opening up, as they require less manhandling and only require the push of a button to open up. They are also far more secure in place and ensure not to open up randomly, making them a better choice. 

  • Butterfly Clasp

On the other hand, if you are going for a minimal look with your apple watch band, then the best kind of strap for you to get is a butterfly clasp that is invisible while you are wearing the watch. This makes the band look seamless and stays buckled. It is one of the most elegant styles of deployment clasp to be invented. However, if you struggle with deployment clasps, you may find them uncomfortable in the fitting. They also require professional fitting, and that could also serve as a huge hassle from time to time. 

  • Velcro 

The most simple kind of clasp that you could go for with your leather apple watch band is the velcro closure. They are highly adjustable and simple looking. They are typically found on nylon watch bands that help sportsmen and women, and kids. They can come undone or loosen with time, and the velcro could become less effective. However, they are affordable in case of any wear and tear caused to them. 

  • The Classic Buckle

The best option, however, for your leather apple watch is the apple watch leather classic buckle. Not only does the pin buckle look classy on any leather, but it also holds in place the strap. It gives the leather a luxurious look and is secure for use daily. They are adjustable according to the person and don’t require any amount of professional care or additional adjustment. Get yourself a classic buckle apple watch band right away and enjoy the fruits of a professional and luxurious looking apple watch for work. 

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