by Crystal Willson

If you ever experienced heartburn, guess what? You are not alone. Statistics show that 10% of the American population experience this yearly. The unfortunate reality is: Over the counter (OTC) medications will not help. Let us introduce you to something that will; Cannabidiol. 


Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, has been discovered to assist in treating gastrointestinal structure disorders like Acid reflux, vomiting, food aversion, or what is popularly known as anorexia. However, before we explain its benefits, we must talk about its origins and where it occurs naturally.


Cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis Indica or Sativa plants, which is very akin to chemicals generated by the human endocannabinoid systems. This system is why we feel the effects of marijuana because it controls certain body functions, including the Human gastrointestinal system.


Indigestion is when your organs conspire to make you uneasy and cranky. Not anymore. When you get on a diet of cannabis oil (CBD oil), say hello to nature’s remedy to all your stomach troubles. It is a non-psychoactive cannabis extract.


Cannabinoids, the active ingredient, have also been found to have varying health benefits. These include: regulating blood pressure, treating post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), Anti-seizure effects, and even more complex issues like Cancer. Nowadays, you can find CBD products on online dispensary Canada and in the brick and mortar stores.


By the end of this article, you will discover how you can adequately administer CBD oil, the research into the effects, etc.


But before we do let’s take a brief.


Overview On The Digestive System

By definition, your digestive system or put the gastrointestinal tract is a complex combination of many different organs. The mouth is the starting point, all the way to the stomach, small and large intestines. 

Not to bore you with the complexities, recent studies reveal that our digestion is more of a network of coordinated activities wrapped in the simple process of chewing and swallowing. 


As simple as that might sound, why do you get stomach troubles? And what makes CBD oil ‘the perfect combo for digestion? You’re about to find out. Here are some prevalent stomach problems:  


Acid Reflux:

Happens when the acid in the stomach returns to your esophagus, causing heartburn, nausea, and in some cases, chest pain. The disorder can cause some organ inflammation, as we know, Inflammation is painful.


Inflammatory bowel disease:

Partly genetic, an inflamed bowel is not a good state of your Gastrointestinal tract. Excess consumption of dairy products is also a probable cause. Symptoms include; abdominal pain, fever, and bleeding.


Irritable bowel syndrome:

Majorly triggered by stress and diet, can be embarrassing. Once the bowel gets irritated, movement becomes frequent and uncontrolled. Life is filled with ups and downs, so the pressure is almost inevitable, although foods that trigger the irritation can be avoided.



Almost immediately after eating anything, you have to go to the toilet. It is uncontrollable and stressful. Even worse, it can continue for weeks without cure may be due to ingesting some bacteria.


Three Ways CBD Helps With Digestion 


Tightens Sphincter


According to research, CBD tightens the ring-opening in the stomach, otherwise called the Sphincter. CBD can reduce the chances of acid reflux, heartburns, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). 


Reduce Inflammation and stress


Studies in Europe carried out on animals found CBD to reduce Inflammation. 

One way or the other, we are all guilty of the abovementioned. Tablets and conventional drugs can help you deal with stress, but prolonged use can lead to overdependence (addiction). 

Natural remedies are more sustainable to help deal with Inflammation and emotional duress. 


Our body has an endocannabinoid system(ECS) responsible for activities like sleep, appetite, memory, and even fertility. CBD oil reacts with ECS to release both Anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. Alternatively, you can also consume lab-tested CBD gummies that really work for stress management.


Ease stomach bloating and irritable bowels

In this fast-paced era, we do not just take fast food, and we eat fast nowadays. Consuming too much food or eating fast, results in abdominal distension or put, bloating. CBD oil is quickly assimilated into the digestive system and helps with gut mobility. 


With CBD, all possible outcomes lead to a win-win situation. We recommend that you consume under the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner and check if it is legal in your state or country. Outside the following, you have absolutely nothing to worry about other than relax and sleep off.


Final Thoughts

A combination of CBD oil with your diet can lead to improved appetite, zero stress or anxiety, and reduced Inflammation. It can also reduce any form of pain, discomfort, and indigestion issues.


Wrapping up with the saying goes, ‘we are what we eat’. This is correct but incomplete as what we eat is useless if not properly digested and absorbed while reducing regular doctor appointments. 


An easy and healthy gut system is achievable, and it starts with a bottle of CBD oil and a blend of patience, proper/healthy diet, and regular exercise.  


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