We received this stunning invitation to taste the best Baijiu of 2015, Shui Jang Fang….but you may wonder, what is Baijiu?

Baijiu is a Chinese alcoholic beverage that is made from grains which can be translated to “rice wine.” It has been consumed by the Chinese for the past 5000 years…longer than any other type of liquor or spirit.

The dinner was hosted by Diageo and CNS Imports.

When we arrived at the Montage, we were greeted by a man with an orange bowtie and a delicious Baiju cocktail. His tie even matched the cocktail.

Cheers to an enchanting evening with new friends, fine food and Baiju!

The legend dates back to 1408 when a distilling master went off to find the best grain and water to create the finest Baijiu. He traveled across China and found Chengdu (known as the land of abundance).

He dug a well where two rivers intersect and established the Shui Jing Distillery.

We embarked on a journey of new tastes, experiences and good company.

Though Baijiu is a Chinese spirit, it pairs well with Italian food. Scarpetta created a fabulous menu for us to share, family style (the Chinese way). The mix of Chinese & Italian culture added an engaging dynamic.



The floral aroma of the Baijiu paired perfectly with the almond crusted Foie Gras Tourchon. All you need is a small taste of the Chinese spirit to add its magical flavor to this classic Italian dish.

Did you know that Baijiu is the most consumed alcohol in the world?  As a staple of Chinese culture, it is a revered, heavily gifted item.

Pictured below is the Shui Jing Fang Wellbay. The spirit is nurtured and influenced by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties for over 600 years.

It is packaged in a prism shaped bottle within an elegant tinted box. You can view paintings through the liquid that add to the spirit of this highly sought after brand.

The taste is not something that the American palate is accustomed to sipping. It is extremely strong. When you first taste it, you should try just a sip and let the liquid coat your mouth.

You will notice floral aromas and pungent textures. After a couple of sips, you will begin to appreciate the complexity, which is comparable to a fine wine.

I am holding the Shui Jing Fang Scholar’s Edition. In ancient Chinese culture, the most intellectual people enjoyed drinking fine Chinese White Spirits which complemented their love of writing and poetry.

With a love for the arts, Shui Jing Fang designed one of the most beautiful bottles I have ever seen.


During my last visit to China, I stayed there for three months and experienced the grandeur and power of Baiju.

The reason why you would drink Baijiu is for its heritage, culture and complex taste. It is the drink that has closed billions of dollars of business deals…and for good reason.

Once you learn how to appreciate the pungent flavors and tastes, you too, will discover the true meaning of Baijiu.

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