The world wide web is full of ways to make money – you only have to look at the list of top 10 websites making the most money to realize this. Whether you’ve got something to sell yourself, or you have something to buy, use the sites below.

10. Groupon

Everybody loves a bargain, which is shown by Groupon’s popularity. The top daily deal site makes money from companies offering deals, as well as from those who purchase the deal. By doing this, Groupon makes around $24 every second.

9. Skype

This website with its own custom app for smartphone and tablet users of both iOS and Android devices generates huge profits every year. The site incorporates a free chat facility, and offers free video calling from PC to PC, however it generates income from the credit people have to purchase to make calls to landlines and mobiles, not to mention advertising space on their websites. This earns $860 million per year.

8. Facebook

The largest social media outlet in the world was bound to appear on the list of websites making the most money. Although it’s free to join the network itself, this company raises massive revenues through adverts and sponsored posts on the site, which is a haven for marketers. From this, Facebook makes around $63 every second.

7. Netflix

With a range of TV services which offer on-demand screening, Netflix has championed the way for users to watch TV as and when they like, without having to stick to a schedule. Their online subscription service has generated a huge income for them already, with this website making on average around $2 billion each year.

6. Expedia

It makes sense that a travel site is in the top 10, as most of us now head straight for the PC or tablet when considering a vacation, rather than visit a travel agents on the high street or in the mall. This top comparison site is used by so many people that it makes about $3 billion per year.

5. PayPal

It makes sense that this payment giant makes the list, with millions of transactions taking place using this online wallet tool every single day. You can use PayPal for almost anything these days, whether you’re at your desktop or out and about with a smartphone – there are even casino sites that accept PayPal, so it can be used in many walks of life, not just to pay for things on eBay as it was 10 years ago.

4. Yahoo!

This search engine is nowhere near as big as its rival, Google, however that’s not to say this site doesn’t manage to generate a lot of income each year. In fact, Yahoo! is still one of the top websites making the most money today, and the second search engine in the top 5. This search engine makes around $200 per second.

3. eBay

Although not as popular an online auction site as it once used to be, eBay still manages to generate a huge amount of income. In fact, thanks to everyone who likes to sell their wares on the site, eBay make a healthy $9 billion per year from small businesses selling their creations, and people looking to get rid of their old or unwanted items.

2. Google

Some may be surprised to find that this site doesn’t actually top the list, being the biggest global search engine which rules the roost for many online businesses and marketers. Despite being the go-to search tool for most, and the choice PPC and ad outlet for many, this big brand is pipped to the top spot. However it’s still a fantastic money making site, generating $929 per second.

1. Amazon

It probably comes as no surprise that this huge global online department store tops the list. With transactions occurring literally every second, this site makes approximately $1,084 every single second, which adds up to the huge amount of over $34 billion per year. Amazon offers multiple goods and services, such as retail items in many industries, from designer fashion to kitchen appliances, not to mention their Kindle e-reader and e-book library, Amazon Prime service, and TV streaming service to rival Netflix, which contribute to such a huge profit.


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