We imagined such cool lives for ourselves at the ripe age of 16. We knew we’d have it all together because when your adult life “just kind of falls into place”—or so we thought. 


Now, we’re full-grown adults and have to navigate through the world of bills, responsibility, health, relationships—oh, and did we mention responsibility? 


What do you do when you don’t feel like “adulting?”


We all have personal tips and tricks we use to pick ourselves up and muster up motivation. If you have kids, it’s more than a good start, but there are some other ways to kick yourself back in gear and get back to knocking out goals like strikes at the bowling alley.


Practice Gratitude 


Sometimes our priorities can get off track. We fall into patterns of envy, greed, watching what others are doing. But more specifically, what they’re achieving. 


The most important thing to remember is we’re all living our own journey. What’s happening for the next person has nothing to do with you. You’re on your personal timeline. 


The best way to pull yourself out of this mode is to practice gratitude. Get a pen and paper, write down all the things you’re thankful for, or say them aloud. When you practice gratitude, you ground yourself and welcome positivity into your life. 


If you’re having “one of those days,” reflect on how amazing your life is and get back to what matters. 


Indulge in Some CBD 


Most people associate CBD with pain, stress, or anxiety relief, but it’s great for mood enhancement, focus, and concentration. This means a better day for you, almost immediately with your favorite CBD product. 


So, when adulting seems out of the question for the day, eat two CBD gummies, give them 20-30 minutes to kick in, and handle the rest of the day like the champ you are. 


A lot of people prefer CBD gummies for the convenience and ease they provide. Plus, they’re discreet enough to where you can eat a few more without anyone knowing. 


Take it everyday, or take it as needed throughout the week, it’s up to you. 


Get Organized


Some days get overwhelming with all the stuff that piles on our plates. 


You’re ready to pull your hair out before you know it because you’ve forgotten about a bill or two and incurred unnecessary late fees. Not to mention, you feel like you’re ignoring a bunch of other things


Whenever you feel like the pressure of adulting is overtaking your entire being, it’s time to get organized. There are many different ways to get organized. You’ve got tons of apps that make it easy if you prefer the tech path, or you can keep it original and opt for a planner. 


Some people like dry-erase boards or calendars, too. 


Put everything down that needs to be paid, events, appointments, meetings, etc. Then, put them into the calendar on your phone with alerts. This helps you stay organized and top of everything going on in your life. 


Better “Adulting” Days Are Ahead


Don’t beat yourself up if you fall into a funk. 


It happens to the best of us.


What matters is how you handle it, and with these tips, you’re bound to make yourself proud!


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