While a good number of sophisticated men buy watches for the values attached to them, most others are primarily concerned about looking good and making the right impressions at all times. Looking good is good business, and a luxury men’s watch will help you look good. Judging from that, we can authoritatively say that buying the best mens luxury watches is good business.

When it comes to mens watches and luxury, you, first of all, want to make sure that you are buying the original thing. This is why we always recommend that men shop for premium watches directly from the watchmakers. This is why Filippo Loreti watches for men are highly regarded.

It is also important that fashionable men buy luxury watches that are trendy. You don’t want to be left behind, even when you are wearing a premium watch.


Why Do You Need To Keep Up With Trends?

We’ve given a hint already. You don’t want to be in the past when it comes to wearing the right luxury watch. Unless you are going for an entirely classic outfit, it can be embarrassing to walk with the air of someone who understands fashion while your watch does not agree with that. You need to know the trend and follow it to look your best and make the right statements at all times.

You want to keep up with trends so that you can know the best options for you when you want to buy luxury watches online. When you are uninformed or ill-informed about it, you may make costly mistakes. We don’t want you to make any mistakes, so we will guide you appropriately to make the right choice.


What Are The Latest Trends Of Men’s Luxury Watches?

2020 has not been a very wonderful year due to the pandemic. In the midst of all the problems, fashionable men understand that they need to look good. Watchmakers also understand the need to create the right products for the market. Here are a few luxury watch trends you should keep in mind:

Retro Vibe

We have seen from some of the biggest brands in the market that going deep into the archives is a thing for the season. Many have gone way back to recreate some of the best timepieces to be in tune with the current time and taste of gentlemen. Many watch enthusiasts approve of these retro-inspired watches, which is why they are selling fast.

Restrained Sizes

We have also noticed a pronounced restraint in the size of men’s watches this year. It seems most gentlemen are hoping to reduce the weight on their wrists. This is a refreshing trend, considering that we have endured almost a decade of oversized men’s watches.

Material Focused

This is not what most people expect when we want to talk about luxury watch trends. The focus is always on designs, shapes, and sizes. But it is really happening right now; most watchmakers are using distinct and innovative materials, and sophisticated consumers are looking at the trend.

How to Shop For Trendy Luxury Watches

Now, there are different ways to shop for top luxury watches that are trending. But most of the approaches are risky. You may end up not buying an original premium watch.

Due to the obvious risks associated with shopping for trendy luxury watches indiscriminately, we only recommend one method, which is buying directly from a premium watchmaker like Filippo Loreti.

There are many reasons to choose Filippo Loreti watches. The first is the fact that they are not mass-produced. That means the watches you get are those that are made according to your orders. Another major reason to buy from them is the fact that the company sells directly to customers. There are no middlemen, so you will get your watch at wholesale price. In fact, you can get some premium watches at highly discounted prices when they go on sales.


Best Trendy Mens Luxury Watches to Buy Right Now

Are you ready to buy one or more of the best luxury men’s watches? Here are our top picks:

  • Venice Moonphase Silver Mesh
  • Ascari Two-Tone Gold Steel Link 
  • Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition
  • Ascari Retro Blue Link
  • Venice Rose Gold Automatic
  • Ascari Dark Camo Rubber 2020 Edition 

Buying trendy men watches shouldn’t be too difficult. We want to help make it even easier. Knowing the trends is never enough, especially when you are buying from online. This is why we provide you recommendations about watchmakers like Filippo Loreti. The watches listed above are some of the best trendy men’s luxury watches you can find at their website.

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