If you watch films like Mad Men, you’ll know how cool it is to drink Scotch. But is it really the drink for you? Some like to drink scotch straight up. Some prefer it on the rocks. Some even like to add it to cocktails.

Luckily, there’s a type of scotch to suit every taste – it isn’t just for old men or for flashbacks in films. There’s only one way you can find out if scotch is the drink for you – and that’s by testing it out for yourself! Make sure you take it slow though, as it usually has a high alcohol content. You might want to pretend you’re in Mad Men the first time you try it, but it’s probably a good idea to add a splash of water. This will allow you to enjoy the flavour of the drink and get your palette used to it without being overwhelmed by the strength of the alcohol. Make sure you try a few different kinds, and you’re bound to develop a taste for your favourite scotch before you know it.

Bear in mind this drink can taste different from country to country, and is often made in varying ways. Pay close attention to the aroma of each drink you taste too, and make sure you try to guess the flavours when sipping on one. This is how scotch drinking turns into an art form!

Don’t be embarrassed when you’re just starting out. Everybody has to start somewhere! Need any more reason to try it? The following infographic can help!

Infographic Credit To #LoveScotch

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