A life of staying in the most breathtaking hotels around the world and visiting only the absolute best spas and resorts is breathtakingly alluring. However, being able to take a bit of this luxury home with you is equally desirable, and even though you may not be able to take the weather or scenery with you, you can design your home with the same luxurious elements of the hotels, spas, and resorts that you visit.

Get the Hotel Bed Experience at Home

After doing some sightseeing or having a perfect day of lying on the beach and soaking in the sun, returning to that gorgeous hotel room that contains a bed fit for a king and queen is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Since we seem to never sleep so well as when we fall into that luscious hotel bed, why not try to bring this feeling home?

That blissful night’s sleep begins with a great mattress, it’s best to start there. These hotel beds are usually temperature regulating and moisture wicking, yet cost around $3,000. There are far better and more affordable options with the same tech, like the memory foam mattress from Eve, which has fantastic cooling technology in addition to unrivaled comfort and durability. The mattress is also picking up great reviews, so plenty of others are impressed as well.

What you save on the mattress you will then be able to invest in the bedding. Top off that exceptionally comfortable mattress with the plumpest pillows that money can buy, the softest Egyptian cotton sheets with the highest thread count possible, and invest in an exceptionally comfy down comforter. Once you are done, you will have a bed fit for any luxury hotel that you get to sleep in every night.

Get the Spa Experience in your Bathroom

Although it is the primary element of the luxury hotel room, the bed isn’t the only draw. Stepping into that magical shower with full-body jets in the morning, or relaxing in the spa-quality Jacuzzi tub in the evening are also part of that very alluring package. So here is how to get that luxury hotel or spa bathroom at home.

If you have space, invest in a separate shower and bathtub option. Depending on your budget you can get that full-body jets shower installed and that deep and relaxing Jacuzzi tub. Don’t forget large mirrors and a double sink. See here for some luxury bathroom design ideas by celebrities to get an idea of what you might like. Top this off with the most delicate and alluring scented soaps and candles, as well as plushy towels and bathrobes. Heated flooring and a heated towel rack are also small details that can go a really long way to achieving that spa-like feeling at home.

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