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10. GLENFIDDICH 1937 – $20,000

Thought of as the oldest and finest bottle of scotch in the world it is a rare piece of the  Glenfiddich’s 1937 whiskey collection that had one and only one bottle ever produced. There was only one scotch bottle ever produced and even that was purchased at an auction in 2006. It isthe  world’s most awarded single malt that truly reflects the passion, innovative spirit and integrity passed down through generations. The premium scotch maker has always been able to impress the whisky lovers with its unique unsurpassed taste and limited edition bottles.


With a proof of 46.1%, the Glenfiddich 50 Year Old was created from two different casts, dating back to 1955. The whisky was married for half a year before being bottled. Only 500 bottles of this scotch whisky were produced, with 50 bottles being released every year over a ten year period. The whisky bottle is decorated with silver from Scotland, and contains an engraved medallion seal. The Glenfiddich 50 Year Old also comes packaged in a leather box which has been hand-sewn and includes a signed certificate and a book, also made from the highest quality leather.


8. DALMORE SELENE 1951 – $24,000

This whisky has been bottled after nearing sixty years in a dark Dalmore distillery. Named after Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon, there are only thirty decanters which are known to exist. Each whisky comes in a solid steel case with the insides of the box lined with high-quality leather. The box includes the famous Damlore logo printed on its front. The aroma of the Dalmore Selene 1951 has been described as resembling coffee, chocolate, marmalade and cinnamon, and because of its exclusivity, the Selene remains a whisky which is highly collectible.



7. MORTLACH 70 YEARS OLD – $28,000

Described as the world’s oldest single malt, the Mortlach 70 Years Old was bottled after a decision was made to open the cask at the Mortlach distillery in Speyside. With its bright mahogany appearance, the whisky is 46.1% proof and has its taste described as having an almost waxy feel, with a sweet start before becoming quite dry. Fig, tobacco and smokiness are among the other descriptions for the taste of this whisky, and its aroma has been described as being mellow and fruity, almost citric in nature.

6. MACALLAN 1928 – $48,300

One of the most collectible whiskies in the world, the Macallan 1928 originally retailed for $80 when is was originally sold in the United States, but its price grew alongside its reputation. Bottled with a strength of 38.6% proof, considerably lower than the standard, the Macallan 1928 was for a long time the world’s most expensive bottle of whisky until the record was broken a few years ago. Macallan are one of the most successful producers of scotch whisky and are still distilling whiskies in the Scottish Highlands today. Their reputation remains extremely popular, and Daniel Craig can be seen drinking 50 year old Macallan in the 2012 James Bond movie, Skyfall. The distillery is even thanked during the end credits of the movie.


The unique bottle of scotch, a Dalmore Single Malt Scotch, was one of the dozen bottles produced from four single malts. Each one of them came from a different year: 1868, 1876, 1926, and 1939. All twelve bottles were produced in the year 1943, with their unique label and names. This 62 year old bottle was sold for $58,000 at an auction at the Pennyhill Hotel in Surrey, United Kingdom. The lucky buyer shared it with five of his close and intimate friends. To date, it is believed that these are the only six people to have actually tasted the scotch from this rare collection.


4. THE MACALLAN FINE AND RARE 1926 – $75,000

This Macallan Fine and Rare 1926 scotch is one of the most matured and expensive scotches in the universe. Bought at $75,000 by a Korean businessman, the flavor of the scotch is narrated as concentrated and dry, with a hint of licorice aftertaste. Originally priced at $38,000, this scotch was unheard of until quite recently it bought in $75,000 at an auction. It is indeed making headlines being probably the best-known single malt scotch whiskey in the world.


This 55 year old whisky is named after Janet Sheed Roberts, who lived in Glenfiddich when the cask was filled in 1955. Roberts passed away in 2012 at the age of 110, meaning she was the oldest woman in Scotland before her death. The whisky is pale in color with a delicate aroma and has been described as having a creamy vanilla taste. The whisky was bottled in 2011, after residing in a dark and cold warehouse in Glenfiddich for 55 years, and because only 15 bottles were filled, it remains a highly-sought after collectors item.

2. DALMORE 64 TRINITAS – $160,100

Dalmore 64 Trinitas, as the name suggests, there were only three bottled produced with limited edition bottle design. In fact, the shape and design of the bottle bespoke of its name, spirit and elegance for the price demanded. This scotch is basically a blend of rare stocks, made from spirits dated back to 1868. You’ll be surprised to know that this is the first scotch to be sold at six straight figures.



The Macallan 64 Old Lalique is the most pricey scotch in the world. The scotch bottle was sold at a cool $460,000 at an auction in New York. The price quoted broke the record of the most pricey scotch ever sold in the whole world. The most astonishing element of this scotch bottle is its decanter, which exhibits a class of its own. The bottle is fabricated from Lalique crystal and designed using the lost wax method

Source: TheRichest

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