Eclectic, boutique elegance describes the style of the Nolinski Hotel in Paris. Located in between La Palais Royal and the Paris Opera, the property is effortless when it comes to satisfying the needs of the most particular jet-setters. Designed by the famed architect Jean Louis Deniot, the aesthetics of the hotel are filled with a variety of surfaces, patterns, and shapes. 


At the base of the hotel lies the Grand Salon, a room where multiple shades of the color green are prevalent. Once inside, you feel like you are in the Emerald City from Wizard of Oz. The color gold complemented the shades of green with enchanting dimly lit candles throughout the space, strategically placed sconces and a golden fire burst structure that sat in the middle of the room.

You sip on Boulevardier cocktails, Bourbon Maker’s Mark, Martini Rosso & Compari while a pianist plays an emerald green Yamaha piano. Occasionally, the hotel will host the Cabaret Spirit of Nolinski which features a variety of performers dressed in fantastic outfits. They will entertain you as you enjoy tapas and the signature cocktails of the house.


A treatment at the Nolinski Spa by La Colline is like taking a trip to the outer galaxy. Located in the basement of the hotel, you feel like you have been transported to the next dimension. In the locker room, you can get changed into a plush signature Nolinski robe and plush sky blue slippers with Nolinski insignia followed the masseuse into the treatment room filled with wonders.

The hallways were dark and mysterious with enchanting music that communicated the notion of wanderlust. Once entering the next room,¬† the ceiling was illuminated with a starry night sky while the black walls reflected this pattern to infinite levels. This feeling lets you know that you’re about to be taken on a journey of ultimate relaxation.

The relaxation massage was one with high pressure. It’s a customized massage technique where you tell the masseuse where your pain points are. For 50 minutes, the masseuse will massage your entire body with a whirling soothing and tender sensations. The balance of her intensity with her succulent touch will alleviate your tension as your body will become completely relaxed.

Following the treatment, you could explore the pool where while enjoying a glass of green tea. Poolside, is a couch filled with pillows that sat beneath ovular floating lamps that cast circular shadows, mimicking the stars of the nebular. Exotic music with tribal beats play in the background as you could listen to the sounds of pouring water.

While here, you could experience the luscious scenery of the pool where the water appeared black and a long mirror sat over it. The Nolinski has created an environment that is ultimately seductive, succulent and sensational. It could be compared to biting into a piece of the richest dark chocolate truffles. The taste is extraordinary, just like this experience.


The Pablo Suite pays homage to none other than Pablo Picasso. The space was equipped with mirror doors, galactic patterned rugs, and eclectic design elements. The suite had all types of furniture with the 70s and art deco influence. The colors green, gray and golden complemented each other with indulgent surfaces that were utterly sultry to touch and gaze at.

When your windows are open, you’re treated to a view of the Parisian streets with snow falling from the sky. The rooms have a speaker that could plug your phone into as well as a cell phone that could be used to call all over Europe and the United States at no charge. You’re encouraged to take the phone with us as we ventured out into the city. All the information, including internet, is right at your fingertips.

If you want to be steps from the Opera in Paris and enjoy the amenities of a unique boutique luxury setting, the Nolinski is the hotel for you.


For more information, visit the Nolinski.

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