Mr. Fogg’s London’s Best Tea Party


Mr. Fogg’s of Mayfair offers an English experience like no other. A Tipsy Tea party, with towers of sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and of course… tea. The teas are served with Henrick’s Gin and all come in a fun decorated pots. The must try is the “1840.”

The environment surrounding this spectacle is something out of explorer novel. There is no bad sit in Mr. Fogg’s, with live music, an eccentric style, and great tea…Mr. Fogg’s is an experience you won’t forget.

Landseer Restaurant


Every London visit should include a night at a Theatre. But before the first act you need a good pre-theater dinner.

The Landseer Restaurant near SOHO and Covenant Garden will win you over. Located in The Bloomsbury Hotel, Landseer has it’s own Pre-Theatre Menu. Whatever you order is sure to be a favorite, however make sure to order a side of mash potatoes.

Cahoots: London’s Best Kept Secret


London is crawling with both clubs and pubs. So finding a drink isn’t a problem. Finding a drink you love is. Cahoots is a cocktail bar located on Kingly Court.

Situated in what seems to be a 1940’s tube station. With a style of its own Cahoots is known as being “just a rumor”. However upon making your reservation the rest will be declassified.



Don’t bother playing with your food at Inamo, the table is where the fun is. With interactive tables that will allow guests to order, play battleship, and even watch the kitchen.

Sunny Afternoon: A Kinky Evening


The musical based on London’s own Kinks. Sunny Afternoon is in booking till October and is a must see. The Harold Pinter Theatre is host to one of the catchiest and exceedingly English shows in all of London.

Circus London


Circus London is another unique experience to witness during drinks or dining. Labeled as a “cabaret restaurant,” Circus plays host to the bizarre and wonder.

Backyard Cinema


A mix between a classic drive inn and a traditional theater, Backyard Cinema offers a movie experience like no other in the hip Camden Lock. Enjoy a Honest Burger with a new or vintage film.

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