Today is 2020 and there are a lot of worldwide scale problems. The issue connected with money and the financial crisis are ones of them. Of course, one part of the global society is facing this problem more while others have big enough economical resources to overcome the majority of troubles. Let’s see the situation.

After a difficult time in summer 2019 many countries experiencing economical pressure. Actually, big societies are less vulnerable to a lack of money. The period of 2017-2020 years seems to be not so frustrating and troublesome for half of the countries all over the world. Some of them even experiencing the good changes: developed countries even have positive growth rates of the economy up to 2 percent. As a result, there is not a critical problem of unemployment which rate fell to a low level. Good changes and perspective improvements can be seen at commodity exporter countries. But a bad past of 2015 when there were drops of market prices reduce sustainability and balance of their budget.

The global issue about the trade conflict between the USA and China threatens many other countries. The United States can introduce different trade measures with tariffs for electronic and automobile imports that influence the economy of many areas. 

While developed countries have a stable condition, there is a reverse side of the situation. Thus, the unevenness of the progress across the world influence mostly on small and poor communities. People don’t have enough food and water to live, many of them live right outdoors. But there is good news. It is predicted that a part of destitute areas also will have a rise in the economy. Thus, some parts of Africa, Latin America, and other regions can expect positive changes for its residents.

Talking about not as poor places of living doesn’t seem good too. People get a small salary that is not enough for all things. What do they do? Unfortunately, take huge credits they won’t be able to pay in the future. The reason for that is misunderstanding their possibilities or a complete hopeless. Then follow the consequences: unsustainable debt and even worse life. And people need to pay off the money.

Many of them successfully get rid of credit. The ways can be different:

  • new work with a high salary. If there are some required skills in the marketplace, it is possible to find a necessary job.
  • Some lucky people try their chances in the gambling sphere. Free online bingo, poker and so on are quite popular variants among them. Thus, players who get a lot of money in short terms appear. Probably, you have heard about such people at least once.
  • Stock markets. Actually, they become quite popular in recent years. It is connected with free access and availability of software made for online trading. But this method seems to be not so profitable because of a lack of skills and knowledge.
  • Reselling. If a person is into trends and aware of what people buy, there is a variant to buy and sell products. The most popular directions are the clothing of all types and electronic stuff mainly focused on phones and computer components.

But a stable job with opportunities for a future career is more important than instant money. Because the last one can be a one-time event and after cash is gone there will be economical troubles again. So to avoid poverty everybody should gain useful experience and skills, get an education and try something new.

Thoughts that government is the only reason for economical frustration are completely wrong. And hope that other people or state will deal with all problems is pointless. Only by ourselves, we can increase the standards of living.


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