Urasawa in Beverly Hills has always been at the top of Destination Luxury’s list of places to dine. Super exclusive, it’s necessary to first know someone there in order to get a reservation. And once you do, be prepared to face the 2-month wait list. If you call ahead, chances are that no one will answer the phone — and there is no answering machine.Ā  Ā The restaurant is a hotspot forĀ celebrities and only serves around 1000 people a year, which is completely unheard of for any expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Located on the 2nd floor on 2 Rodeo Drive, space is hidden, intimate. It should also be noted this is one of the few restaurants in Los Angeles to have 2 Michelin Stars. Once you exit the elevator, you will walk through a wooden sliding door and see Masterchef Hiroyuki Urasawa standing behind theĀ traditional sushi bar.

Chef Urasawa learned his craft from Masa Takayama at Ginza Sushi-ko, known for its extremely expensive price tag and ultra-fresh seafood. One item you do not want to miss is the multicourse meal, which is filled with succulent cuts of toro, delicate cuts of tuna belly and mind-blowing uni. The meal starts with inventive presentations of yellowtail, seaweed soup and mackerel. Ā 

Unfortunately, taking pictures of the food is strictly forbidden. However, they will let you take a photo of the sake (shown below). Our suggestion is that you order the Fukukomachi. At the end of our meal you can take a selfie with the chef.


Another aspect that makes Urasawa so unique? The expensive restaurant only takes one seating a day. If your reservation is a group of 4 or 5, you might have the entire space to yourselves to watch Chef Urasawa perform his craft right in front of your eyes. As a true artist, he does an incredible job of balancing tastes, flavors, and textures with ultimate precision.Ā 

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