Goatee Is Making a Great Comeback!


The goatee is the new black. Surprised? Yes, we know: this hairstyle has had a rather controversial reputation in the world of facial styles. However, more and more celebrities are getting spotted not only in their natural habitat but also on the red carpet with this style. In fact, the style has always been around: Shakespeare, van Dyck, Lenin, Cobain –  these big names weren’t the only ones who’d stay loyal to the look. Today, you can see it on Brat Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio, and, maybe, yourself? If you’ve always wanted a versatile and flattering beard, look no further.

One of the greatest things about the goatee is that it offers a happy medium between a full beard and mustache, giving a low-maintenance routine. Apart from that, it has a universal approach to men with different hair patterns and face shapes. Together with facial hair experts from MensHairCuts, we’ve prepared everything you need to give a shot to this popular but somehow underrated beard style. Find out how it can amp up your look! 



What Is a Goatee? 

As something in between a beard and mustache, a goatee is a facial hairstyle that covers the chin and upper lip. Usually, all parts of the style are connected into a single composition, but you can have the stache separate from the beard. Originally, men would keep this style short to get themselves a stylish detail that adds character to their looks without being a commitment in terms of maintenance. Today, you can play with various lengths and densities, depending on your hair growth rate, preferences, and face shape. 

Although this style has a pretty simple structure, it allows for experiments, too. For example, you can make it immaculate and perfectly sculpted, thus creating a pretty sophisticated complement to your look. At the same time, it can be a bushy unkempt look for a more punk-inspired mood. 

Another advantage that makes the style stand out in the variety of most beard styles is its flexibility. To be more exact, if you have a sparse coverage by default or happen to have a patchy beard, that’s the style that will help you to balance things out.

Which Goatee Style Is Best for You?

First, you give yourself a nice clean shave. Then, you wait until your facial hair grows out to a decent length for shaping the beard: a couple of weeks is enough for a basic goatee. And the next step is to find the perfect shape for you.

As you know, beards are responsible for the way we look, working on our face shapes, and changing our silhouettes. A goatee, for example, can take a bit of an edge to the jawline and accentuate the chin. For that reason, your face shape is the most important moment you should consider when choosing the look. 

  • Round faces will look their best with anchor versions of the beard, as it can visually elongate the face, adding some angles to it. 

  • Square faces can go for anything from petite goatee to handlebar options if they want to accentuate the natural angle with a sense of fullness.
  • Diamond faces also have a prominent angular shape, so they’re free to choose from any from petite to full styles.
  • Oblong faces should stick to minimalist options like a chin strap to balance out the long silhouette or go for a Van Dyke goatee to make the most of it. 
  • Triangular faces will look great with a goat patch, anchor, and pure version of the style for their balanced low portion.


How Do You Take Care of a Goatee?

The way you take care of your beard plays a crucial role in the way you look with it. That’s why you should pick an option based on your lifestyle: in case you’re not ready for regular touch-ups, it’s better to choose simple options over fuller ones. Whatever you pick, there are general recommendations for everyone rocking this beard style. Make sure to follow them to keep your look on point. 

#1. Trim it regularly. 

Don’t put aside your trimmer for a long time: the perfect beard requires attention to detail. That is, you should check the edges every week for any stray hairs, giving them a regular reshape. If you’re planning to grow your beard longer, these touch-ups are still mandatory: just cut less length from the edges. Don’t worry; it won’t take a lot of time. 

#2. Keep the face cleanly-shaven.

Everything that is not your beard should be clean and fresh. Otherwise, you will ruin the great dapper look the style is meant to give you and end up with a mess. When shaving your face, remember to move the razor away from your beard so as not to shave off a part of it accidentally.

#3. Wash your beard. 

The last but not least step toward the hip goatee look lies in the washing regimen. While some men tend to overlook this moment, it’s important for the fresh look and feel of your facial hair. Ensure regular washing. Some beard oil won’t hurt, too, but that’s optional for this kind of style. 

When you’re not ready for growing out a mighty beard but still want a statement-making accent, you won’t go wrong with a goatee. Not only does this style offer easy maintenance but it also gives a lot of room for experiments. Congratulations: now you know why so many male celebrities go for the look! So what’s stopping you?


Source: MensHaircuts

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