We are all keen to remain as youthful-looking as possible for as long as we can. We all know that the key to successful makeup application is to have a good quality skin ‘canvas’ to start from, but many of us don’t think about going one step further and getting our smile fixed as well as applying an anti-aging treatment.

How your smile affects the appearance of your face

Having a beautiful smile showing rows of straight teeth immediately gives you more confidence. If you have crooked teeth, a gummy smile, or misaligned upper and lower teeth, you may look older than you should and not feel confident when smiling or laughing.

Even if you have perfectly straight teeth, you may have an aged appearance if your jaw isn’t optimally aligned. The jaw determines how the upper and lower rows of teeth sit together, which creates your facial profile. Jaw correction creates a beautiful smile and a youthful visage, allowing you to ooze with confidence.

Bite misalignment

An optimal ‘bite’ (how your upper and lower teeth sit together when resting) is when your upper row of teeth fit just over your lower row of teeth, and your molar teeth (towards the back of your mouth) rest closely together with their grooves and points aligned. If the upper and lower teeth don’t sit together properly, this can result in an abnormal ‘bite’ that can age the appearance, such as a protruding upper lip, weak receding chin, or a short round face.

Health problems associated with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw

Did you know that fixing your smile isn’t just a vanity decision – it can even improve your dental health and general health too! Crooked teeth can make teeth more difficult to clean, meaning a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. People with misaligned bites are also more likely to grind their teeth at night, which can also damage teeth and result in unpleasant sensitivity.

Unnecessary stress on the jaw resulting from misalignment can lead to jaw, neck, shoulder, back pain, headaches, migraines, and even ringing in the ears. Other health problems caused by a suboptimal bite include poor quality sleep, chewing and digestion difficulties, and even speech impediments.

Cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile

Modern cosmetic dentistry provides an array of options to fix your smile, from laser tooth whitening to brighten or disguise discoloration and white fillings to orthodontic braces and porcelain veneers. Whatever the problem with your smile, there is an option to fix it. The only downside to some of these options is the length of time treatment can take and potential damage to your healthy teeth (for instance, your teeth need to be drilled down for porcelain veneers to be attached).


Non-surgical dental treatment to improve your smile

You probably haven’t heard of jaw correction as an anti-aging treatment option. A more youthful appearance can be achieved in under two weeks by the team at Face Lift Dentistry, using a revolutionary non-surgical dental treatment called JawTrac®. They can realign the lower jaw into an optimal position, ensuring a natural and youthful jawline, a correctly aligned bite, and a lovely smile. Porcelain VENLAY® restorations can also be applied to fine-tune any other problems with the teeth. The best bit is there’s no drilling, no recovery time, and the final result can be seen before treatment starts using computer simulation.


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