There are many perks to owning a boat, but often owners find that they struggle when it comes to decorating as they can be much harder to decorate and make look stylish than a regular home, plus space can be an issue. You will want to make your boat as attractive, welcoming and stylish as possible and a reflection of your personality, but how can you go about doing this?

Read on for a few design ideas which will help you to create a practical and stylish boat.

1. Natural Lighting

Light is a secret weapon in the world of interior design and it can be used in many clever ways to make your boat look more stylish and even spacious. You will want to maximise natural light as much as possible with large, unblocked windows. It is helpful to have flexible doors and windows so that it is possible to move in and out freely and to allow air to flow through the boat. This can be achieved with the use of gas struts – click here to find affordable struts for your boat doors and windows. Boats can sometimes feel dark and dingy so increasing natural light can have a great impact on how it looks and feels.

2. Artificial Lighting

Of course, you must also think about artificial lighting for when the sun goes down. Spotlights are the best form for this because they are effective and do not take up any space, but you should also consider mood lighting which can help to create atmosphere and style.

3. Storage Baskets

One of the biggest issues that boat owners face is a lack of space. Storage baskets are an excellent way to reduce clutter, free up space and keep everything neat and organised, plus they can be decorative too.Ā 

4. Colourful Rugs & Throw Pillows

Boats tend to come in neutral tones which can be relatively dull and lacks personality, but the good news is that this provides the perfect canvas for injections of colour and personality. Colourful rugs and throw pillows are great ways to add colour to your boat while also creating a warm, cosy feel which is so important in interior design.Ā 

5. Make Use of Vertical Space

As mentioned, space is somewhat of a commodity on most vessels which is why you need to make good use of vertical space. This might include hanging personal photographs and artwork or even creating shelves where you can easily add all kinds of decorations and personal items (this is another effective storage solution).

6. Potted Plants

Plants are always a good addition in interior design because they can add colour and life to a space while also bringing a range of health benefits. You may struggle for space for large floor plants or large bouquets but you could have potted plants throughout the boat which will bring all of the same advantages.

Ā Hopefully, these tips will give you some decorating tips that allow you to refresh your boat and create a space which is both practical and stylish so that you can enjoy your onboard.

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