The secret behind the success of any popular YouTube channel or video with millions of subscribers is YouTube SEO.To rank your videos higher, you need to learn to hack YouTube internet marketing services and optimize your videos accordingly. Listed below are ten tactics for gaining top results on YouTube and elicit followership.

  1. Create a Focus Keyword

Before posting or even before creating your videos, creating a focus keyword is the first tactic of ranking your video higher. Search engines create a match between the search terms of users and the focus keywords, and the same rules apply to YouTube as well. This tactic applies to old videos as well. You can simply jazz up your old videos, watch them again, and optimize them for the search engines by extracting the main keyword. 

  1. Optimize the Title

Searching and creating a focus keyword is not enough. You need to apply varying strategies, and one of them is to optimize the title as well. Using the keyword in the title increases your chances of ranking higher in search results. However, using a keyword needs to be supported by a compelling title that screams to the user to click it. 

  1. Optimized Description

The competition is tough on YouTube. As per the recommendation of YouTube, all-important keywords should be targeted at the beginning of the description to ensure a higher ranking.Unique content with correctly placed keywords is extremely important. 

  1. Right Tags

Using keywords in the tags is vital to ranking with YouTube though these tags are not visible to the viewers. These tags are exclusively used for YouTube’s reference. You can use any number of tags that you want and think of. After placing your keyword(s) in your title and description, you also want to put them in the ‘tags’ section. 

  1. Engaging and Captivating Script

This may seem like the most tiresome and boring tactic of all, but it is really important. It will save you important time when recording your videos. When you have prepared a script in your hands, your content will be more compact and organized, and you can prevent too many pauses.

Prepare a witty, snappy, and quick intro to your video and have all the content ready with you that you want to share with your audience. 

  1. Start Making Longer Videos

Contrary to popular belief, longer videos are more popular on YouTube than the short ones. In fact, one of the main ranking factors of YouTube is the total viewing time of the video. It is quite logical. The longer you are viewing a video, the longer is your engagement. And though you may not like it, but the longer the video is, the more viewers will watch the advertisements as well. Naturally, YouTube prefers the videos with longer watching period and include more ads.No matter how long the video is, there should be no compromise on the quality of the content. Engaging, attention-grabbing content is what makes the video popular. Comprehensive videos with quality content, no matter what their length is gain viewership, and that is what matters the most at the end.

  1. Keep People Engaged

Viewer retention should be your topmost priority. More and more people should keep on watching your video. Having lengthy videos will not matter if people leave them in the middle. Therefore, the content should be as such that people stick around till the end to send a positive message to YouTube. To manage this feat, you will have to concentrate on keeping your videos entertaining, informative, and engaging. 

  1. Boost Engagement

You must have seen that every YouTube video asks to click on the bell icon to subscribe for more content from the same channels. It is because user engagement plays a key role when it comes to SEO. The more comments, subscription, and likes you have, the more engagement you have, and it signals YouTube that your content is popular and well-liked. This will boost your SEO, and YouTube will start showing more of your videos to the viewer. 

  1. Motivating Thumbnail

Two things that inspire the viewer to watch your content are your video title and its thumbnail. A compelling, SEO optimized title plays its role, but the visual content also plays a vital role in motivating the viewer to click on your video. So, don’t underestimate the power of the thumbnail and use an engaging and motivating image that can grab the attention of the viewer. 

  1. Generate Playlists

Playlists are awonderfulmethod to boost your channel’s over-all watch time because of the option of auto-play. In this way, your viewers can view multiple videos one after another. You simply need to group a few of your videos together theme or topic-wise. 


Handling the technical aspects of YouTube is not so difficult. It all comes down to optimization of everything from titles, content, descriptions, and tags. Then, what is the most challenging thing in all of it? Engaging the audience. Capturing the attention of your audience is the most important thing of all. The main focus of any video should be to engage your videos in such aaway that your audience gives you ample screen time. Remember, when you entertain, you will be able to engage your audience, and once the engagement process comes to a close, your video will rank automatically. If you are looking for some Good place to contribute articles please search Write For US in USA.


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