Leonardo DiCaprio has just finalized the purchase of the latest apartment in his stable: a $10 million, two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village. The building, located on East 11th Street, is WELL certified, which means it’s so green that even Shailene Woodley is like, “Whoa, that building is super green.” The showers are infused with vitamin C, the air and water are purified, and there is something called “dawn simulation” which results from a circadian lighting design. Additionally, a “wellness concierge,” whose job it is to “curate and coordinate your daily wellness experience,” is stationed in the building. (“Mr. DiCaprio, we have checked your Seamless delivery for the presence of gluten, and it is all clear.”)

While he will get to live the green life of his dreams in this new building, he will also never have to worry about finding a space for his Fisker Karma hybrid car, as DiCaprio will be given access to . . . a $1 million parking spot. Yes, that’s correct, that was not some sort of copy error, the space costs more than some people will make in their lifetimes. According to the New York Post, this space is the “first at that price,” and actually “comes with” one of the other units in the building, an 8,000-square-foot duplex penthouse; the building owners are letting DiCaprio use the space until that penthouse is sold. (If Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t going to shell out for the duplex penthouse, though, who is?! Also, any eco-conscious trilllionaires out there who may have been interested will now no doubt wonder, “Is this purchase worth potentially upsetting Leonardo DiCpario? Do I really want Lukas Haas and Kevin Connolly playing pranks on me in an effort to drive me out?”)

DiCaprio has been on something of a real estate spree as of late, picking up an $8 million unit last month that is adjacent to a $4 million apartment he already owns in a Battery Park City building. Now that he has this new unit near Union Square, though, he will no longer have to worry about that pesky commute home from Veselka!

SOURCE:  Vanity Fair

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