One of the most overlooked aspects of interior design and real estate is the impact of light. The lighting can completely transform a room and make even a small and dingy part of the house much more attractive. Not only this, but light has a direct impact on how people feel so this can also be used in the home to improve your mood. This means that it is an area which should always be considered particularly if you plan on selling the property at any point.

When a space is bright and well-lit it can help to improve people’s mood and is good for their health. This can also influence behaviour so it is key if you are trying to sell the home and should always be carefully considered. So, how can you use light to your advantage in the home?

Maximising Natural Light

First, you should find ways to maximise the amount of natural light that comes through the home. Windows, skylights and glass doors are all highly effective and increasing the number that you have can completely transform the space. You should also consider the window ware as this can impact the amount of light too. In the kitchen, for example, you should choose blinds from places like Direct Blinds – this will allow you to maximise natural light in the day but keep the space warm and cosy at night.

 Another way to maximise natural light is to increase the number of mirrors that you have in the home and/or place them opposite windows. You can also use light colours to reflect light and make a space feel bigger, brighter and airier. When you do this in each room of the home you will quickly notice the poster impact that light can have on the aesthetic of the home but also your mood.

Artificial Lighting

In addition to natural light, you must also think about artificial lighting to keep rooms illuminated in the evening. To do this, you should consider the three main types of lighting for each room: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. When you incorporate these three together you can create bright, attractive and stylish lighting for each room of the house which can elevate the room and help to improve the decorative style.

Time of Year

If you are planning on selling the property, you may also want to think about the time of year that it is shown to prospective buyers. Spring and summer is a much brighter time and seasons that will show the property in its most attractive state.

 It is amazing the difference that light can have on a home. Light can impact mood and make rooms much brighter and more attractive which can completely transform a room and make the house more appealing to any prospective buyers.

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