For years, we have never had a passive revenue stream until we came across Ezoic. As an Official Google Publishing Partner, they invited us to their conference in La Jolla where we learned a lot about the online advertising space and met some incredible people in the tech world. The whole concept of Ezoic is that they work with you to monetize your site. They tell you the following information based on data:

  1. Feedback on the design of the site
  2. advice on what types of ads to use for the site

The setup of the service was simple. We signed up for an Ezoic account then a Cloudflare account and then they did the rest of the work. Within a few days, we saw ads on our site which were not the right fit at first, but then we told them to change everything to fit a more luxurious, travel demographic. Within a day, we saw the ads that we wanted: see this ad for the Maui, Westin.


Every day, we can check out account and see the money coming in. We aren’t getting a ton of traffic right now but now we are motivated to boost our traffic. This is our daily revenue and it keeps going up.


At one point we were reaching 500k a month and we know exactly how to get back to it. If you are a publisher with web traffic that isn’t monetizing, I suggest you give Ezoic a call.

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