Luxury is life itself and we at Destination Luxury believe that we can all help each other make the world and our lives a better place together. We want to highlight just a few dogs who have a short window of time to be adopted before its too late. Right now there are many animals out there who need your help. Many are left without a home. Because of this, many animals at your local animal shelters are being put down due to over populated shelters but you can help. Sponsoring, adopting or fostering an animal from your local shelter helps a great deal. If you open your heart and home to one lucky animal you will be saving them and giving them a place to call home and saving the life of one new animal that you have helped create space for so they can find a possible new loving home. These animals deserve another chance, they need your love and support today. These sweet, and innocent beings are looking for loving and caring owners and families. Unfortunately every day animals are being put down, so if you have always wanted to add one to your family, please adopt. Research your local shelters and organizations to find out information on animals who need a forever home. Here are 15 beautiful dogs within the Los Angeles regions, who just may be your next best friend.


15. Sadie 1




Sadie is a six-year-old, black and tan German Shepard mix. She needs a home with a family who is willing to love and cherish her. She is kind and playful, which makes for a great family pet. Just look at her gorgeous smile. She is waiting to be a wonderful addition in a new home. She was taken in March 14th at the OC Animal Care Center in Orange, California. Her Pet ID is  A1160846. Act now and contact the center at (714) 935-6848 to learn more information about Sadie.

14. Caesar



Caesar was taken in by the OC Animal Care Center on March 14th. He is dreaming about finding a loving place to call home. He’s a Chihuahua mix, and tan in color. At one year and one month old, Caesar is all but ready to play and gets along with everyone and other pets. His Pet ID is A1375221. Contact the center to find out more information about Caesar.

13. Meggie


Meggie is a beauty and is such a precious little thing. She’s a blonde and white Chihuahua mix. She’s only one year old. Help her by making her an addition to your home. Her Pet ID is A1306618. She has been at the OC Animal Care Center since March 13th, and this adorable lady is waiting on you. So give the OC center a call today.

12. Spot



Spot. It’s hard not to fall in love when you lay eyes on her. She’s a Chihuahua/Papillon mix who is loving and cuddly. Spot¬†is wonderful company. She’s about a year to two years old. Her last owner had to let her go because of circumstances with the landlord. Now she is looking for a warm welcome in a new home. She loves walks, playing , giving tons of kisses. She’s great with other pets and she’s a people person. Her Pet ID is Spot. Think you’re interested in making Spot an addition to your home? Contact the Peek-a-Dog Rescue, located in South Gate, CA, ¬†at (323) 567-2860.

11. Pee Wee



Pee Wee  is such a cutie pie. Pee Wee is playful, affectionate, and intelligent. He loves other dogs, cats, and children, which makes him a great candidate for your home. His Pet ID is A1507630. If you are interested in taking Pee Wee home with you, you can contact the City of South LA Animal Shelter at (213) 485-0214 for more information.

10. Valentina


Choco is ready for adoption. ¬†She’s an adult Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix. Choco¬†is amazingly sweet and she is great with other dogs and with children. Her time at the South LA Animal Care Center is limited, so she¬†is ready for her place in your home today. Her Pet ID is 8268844-A1534641. ¬†Contact the center if you are interested in giving Choco her new home at (888) 452-7381 ext. 142.

9. Gotti



Gotti, oh Gotti. This Pit Bull Terrier mix is great with other dogs, fine with leashes, and loves human interaction and a good belly rub. He loves so much that he is sure to give you a kiss. Want to know more about how to give this handsome guy a forever home? His ID is 8277271-A4802449. Contact the Los Angeles County Shelter in Carson at (310) 523-9566. Gotti is waiting for you, so act now.

8. Chicory





Chicory is a young, Foxhound mix. His great smile is to die for. He is friendly and loves playing around. He’s perfect with kids and other pets. He’d be great for any home he goes to. He needs a home now. His time is limited at the Los Angeles County shelter in Downey. His ID is 8359573-A798531. Is he the perfect pet for you? If so, contact the shelter at (562) 940-6898. Act fast before time runs out.



7.  Sarah


Sarah is a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, white and tan in color, and only eight months old. She is looking for a place to call her home. Sarah is such a sweetheart, calm, and loving. Her Pet ID is A1377513. Call the OC Animal Care center for more information.

6. Mojo



Mojo is an Alaskan Malamute mix. He’s just ten months old. Mojo is located in Newport Beach, CA. He is looking for a home with another young and active dog just like him. He will need an experienced owner take him home. ¬†His ID is 15-01-14-00757. If you are the one for Mojo, contact the Critters In Need Pet Rescue at (954) 895- 4272. Ask them about Mojo.

5. Gavin


Gavin is ¬†a white, poodle mix and just two-years-old. This adorable guy is looking for a home. He’s sweet and gentle, and you can cuddle up with him like a fluffy stuffed animal. He’s been at OC Animal Care since March 10th. His Pet ID is A1377714. If you have an interest in making Gavin your new friend, just contact the OC center.

4. Blue



Blue is a young adult Dalmatian, who is good with most dogs, but watch out for those cats. She is great with kids and adults.¬†This delightful and kind girl is unique. She has one blue eye and one brown eye, hence her name Blue. She is affectionate and playful. Blue’s ID is DRLA-1143. If you’re interested and giving Blue a permanent home, contact the Dalmatian Rescue of West Los Angeles at (310) 889-4731.

3. Greta

GretaGreta¬†is such a lady. She’s a purebred, German Shepard. She’s house-trained, good with dogs and cats, and great with kids. She about a year or year and half old. Gretta is loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and needs some TLC. Gretta requires medication and a special diet due to her having Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. She has been through the proper treatment and is now stable and healthy. Gretta loves to relax and play. She will be a great addition in your home. Her Pet ID is 8191250. Just contact Mary Ann Lagana, today, for more information at (323) 388-65411 or email [email protected].

2. Boss



Big dogs need love, too. Right, Boss? Boss is a Rottweiler mix. He’s a young gentle giant. ¬†Boss is purebred, house-trained, and as of March 18th, he’s been available at the Coastal German Shepard Rescue in Downey, CA. His Pet ID is 8042240. Boss is looking to play around with kids and he’s great for keeping you comfy and warm. He is great with other dogs, but tell the cats to watch out. To learn more about Boss, visit, or contact the rescue group at [email protected].

1. Jewel

Jewel dogs


Jewel, also known as A1539504, needs your help. She at risk of being put down at the South Los Angeles Shelter. She is  a beautiful, American Bull Dog waiting for a place to call home. Act fast to save this beautiful girl and let her know that she is more than a number. Her Pet ID is 8344006. Contact the shelter today at (888) 452-7381  or contact the Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue at (310) 358-3344 to find out more information about how to rescue Jewel now.


Do you know more dogs who are in need of being rescued? Share your information of organizations and shelters in the comments below.



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