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If you were wondering what the world’s most expensive ad-campaign is, you are in the right place. Ever heard about the perfume Chanel No. 5 ? Of course you did! Chanel No. 5 is the first perfume created by French couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. No. 5 was introduced in 1921 and named after Gabrielle’s lucky number. The chemical formula for its fragrance was compounded by the perfumer, Ernest Beaux. “Coco” Chanel died in 1971 and in 1974 Alain Wertheimer took over the business. In our days, the company – Chanel S.A. – is run by Alain and Gerard Wertheime. Now, let us spend no more time and see what’s the story behind the world’s most expensive ad-campaign ever made.

Chanel No. 5 : The Film

The primary purpose of Chanel S.A. is to keep the Chanel brand and No 5 at the top of the perfume industry. So, in 2004 director Baz Luhrmann was asked to direct a new advertisement for Chanel.
Baz Luhrmann named the new project for No. 5. : “The Film”.
No. 5 The Film is a 180 seconds short film ( the original version came around 360 seconds but it was later edited for television broadcast and cinema advertisement purpose ) and starring Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro.
The Film had a budget of $42 million, financed exclusively by Chanel.

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