This week, it’s about putting the AH in SPA. Here’s one exclusively from the Destination Luxury Team.

Located in the heart of Tyrol’s Otzal valley, the fantastic spa and hotel known as the Aqua Dome will have you feeling recharged and like a new person by the time you leave.  Known for its alpine charm, warm hospitality and contemporary architecture, it offers the best bathing, wellness, fitness and beauty treatments during every season.

After walking along a corridor designed in conformity with the four elements, you can directly enter the thermal spa and enjoy free access to the 13 warm pools of the indoor and outdoor areas without even putting off your bathrobe. The three bowl-shaped pools in the middle of the well-spaced lawn, standing on stilts only and thus seeming to levitate at a height of up to 12 m, are particularly impressive.


The architecture speaks for itself!  Where else can you find 2 giant pools that sit above another deep blue lap-pool surrounded by greenery?  This place is out of this world like its from the future.  Clean lines, wood, and glass are all throughout the 200 classical-contemporary rooms.  The ambience is topped off with warm wood and fabric, elegant leather and stylish lighting.


The sauna world Gletscherglühen measuring over 2,000 m² as well as the fitness centre Gipfelsturm offer you the opportunity to give your body good treatment during your holidays.




The three seemingly levitating, futuristic bowl-shaped pools, connected with each other by a shining glass cone, convey a feeling of weightlessness in the outdoor thermal spa Talfrische.

In a bowl, the bathing pleasure is accompanied with underwater music and light effects. The massage bowl presents itself as a kind of oversized sulphur pool and thebrine pool neutralises gravity and everyday worries. Watching the sun set behind the mountain tops covered with snow while floating in the bowls lets you forget everyday life for a while and reach cloud seven. An experience you shall never forget!

A very special highlight is the moonlight bath until midnight, which promises pure romanticism under the star-spattered sky of the Ötztal every Friday night.





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